Enter the Florpus: Zim’s Glorious Return! (Movie Monday)

Watch this movie. That is all. Goodbye.

Invader Zim is a series very near and dear to my heart. Of all the Nickelodeon cartoons to ever come out, it was easily my favorite. Unfortunately, it only lasted two seasons before being taken off the air, leaving a hole in my heart for as long as I can remember. Of all the cartoons that I wanted to come back, it was the top of my list!

Now, at long last, that wish has become a reality! And it is just as incredible as I had hoped!

Plot: Evil’s Ressurection

Enter the Florpus wastes almost no time whatsoever. After reintroducing the world and characters with an anime-style opening (which is absolutely amazing), we hop straight into the story. The pacing is quick and perfect!

After a long period of silence, Zim is back with another evil plan! However, he’s got a few problems. One: he can’t remember what the second phase was. Two: his leaders, the Tallest, aren’t coming to Earth at all! Our favorite invader falls into a slump, nearly giving up entirely and handing himself over to Dib! Luckily, he discovers something that sparks an idea within him: Dib’s father, Professor Membrane, has created a new bracelet for Peace Day, which presents a unique opportunity!

The plot isn’t a deep exploration of a certain theme. The deepest plot thread is the father-son relationship between Dib and his dad. Rather than that, this special is focused on one thing: retaining the magic that made the original run of Invader Zim so great! And they did so brilliantly!

The writing doesn’t have the same dark edge that the original series had. But the comedic style and timing are just as brilliant as before! I found myself chuckling at practically every joke in the film! If you loved the original Invader Zim series, then this movie is a perfect watch!

All of the characters are just as perfectly preserved, and they’ve grown in perfect ways! Zim and Dib haven’t changed a bit, and their dynamic is as perfect as ever! Gir is as bizarre and lovable as ever. Gaz has lost her goth edge, but she’s just as perfect as ever! Professor Membrane has shot up from a fun side character to my absolute favorite in the cast. Together, they form a dynamic, lovable and hilarious cast that drives the plot forward perfectly!

At no point did I feel I was watching something else. This whole film felt like a perfect resurrection of everything that made Invader Zim so good! It is, unmistakably, Invader Zim through and through!

And that’s before talking about the animation!

Visuals: A Style Refined

Invader Zim had a visual style unlike anything else. It perfectly blended an angular and sharp 2D style with 3D animation unlike any other show from the era. It was an amazing style that still holds up to this day.

So naturally, they had a simple approach for this film. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Simply refine it!

Each character’s new design is absolutely flawless, perfectly capturing their original designs while refining them with the new softer art style. They all flow smoothly and beautifully, without a single shot lagging behind the others. Each environment is gorgeous, with just the perfect amount of bizarre insanity to fit straight in with classic Invader Zim environments.

Oh, and did I mention the mixed-media scenes? Because the animators don’t just stick to the classic style! There are several scenes throughout the film where they’ll completely change the style. They don’t just limit it to animation either! They’ll use puppets, dogs in costume, and whatever they feel like! It is incredibly bizarre, completely insane, and amazing!

In terms of visuals, this movie is an easy A+. It is an animator’s wet dream through and through! It is a sight to behold from the first frame all the way to the last!

Performances: The Old Cast At Their Best!

Just as with many iconic cartoon characters, they would be incomplete without their voices. If anyone else were to try and voice Zim, Dib, Gaz or anyone else, it would seem hollow. Incomplete. Luckily, the old cast is back and just as great as ever!

Richard Steven Horvitz as Zim is just as perfect as he’s ever been! He perfectly captures the stupidity, narcissism and sinister nature of the wannabe invader with his every line! Every member of the cast is great, but he stands above them all! Just like our pint-sized invader!

Andy Berman as Dib is also as great as ever! His grand, insistent and mildly insane nature is perfectly captured in every line! He is the perfect straight man to everyone’s antics. Just imagining him and Horvitz in the recording booth is enough to put a big smile on my face!

I would actually kill to see that. Can someone find me that, please?


If you haven’t watched Enter the Florpus, then I don’t know what you’re doing! It is a spectacular bit of animation and a perfect revival of a series that I adore! It is some of the most fun I have had watching a series revival in a long time!

I would highly recommend Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! It is nostalgia in its purest and most enjoyable form! If you loved the original series, then you need to watch this movie!

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get more Invader Zim in the future!

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