The End of Evangelion: Worthy of My Grace, I Suppose

If you want to know my thoughts about the TV anime, check them out in the link directly below. Many of the thoughts I had there will be expanded upon in this review.

Neon Genisis Evangelion: Almost Worthy of My Grace

Today, I will be completing my first journey through Neon Genisis Evangelion. Or at least, the NGE content that Netflix has to offer. Because, as much as I like this series, I’ll be fucked if I’m going to go digging down the rabbit hole for more. I’ve had my fill. Now I’m going to give the chef my honest thoughts.

Unfortunately, talking about this series is like taking criticism straight to Gordon Ramsay. Please try not to bite my head off, okay?

*Side note: I would talk about Evangelion Death (True)2, but I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve been told that there’s new stuff in there, but the half-hour I watched of it was just a clip show recap of the series. If I missed something so mind-bogglingly awesome, let me know. I’ll post an update in the comments.

Plot: Filling in the Gaps at the End of the World

In my review of the televised version, I ripped hard into the final two episodes. And I stand by my criticisms of them. Sure, they dived deeply into the psychology of the characters, which is really interesting. But it comes so far out of Nowhere Land and leads to such an unsatisfying and inconclusive ending that it physically hurt me!

It also made my roommates quite upset, as I was screaming “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!” at one in the morning. Don’t judge me! You try watching that shit and not exclaiming in confusion! You’ll burst your top!

‘The Death of Evangelion’ fills in the gaps and resolves the resolution issue. It connects the Angels with the Human Instrumentality Project and wraps it all up in a nice little bow with the Third Impact. Then it leaves you off with one of the most open-ended and depressing endings in the history of anime.

After the death of the last Angel, all hell breaks loose! NERV is attacked, and everyone is forced into action! Asuka wakes up from her coma and goes on a rampage in Unit 2 before engaging with several other freakish Eva units. Shinji is having the crisis of a lifetime and doesn’t know what to do with himself. His father has taken Rei down to initiate his mystery plan. Then everything goes straight to disaster, as Shinji is sent into a psychedelic nightmare, Rei is transformed into a giant… thing (YOU try describing that thing!) and the Third Impact begins!

This links directly into the final episodes of the show. After watching this film, they make a lot more sense, though they’re still incredibly bizarre. If you want to know what the hell happened, watching this movie is a must.

Just get ready for some crazy fucking shit!

Visuals: I Could’ve Sworn I Wasn’t High…

What. The. Fuck.

Evangelion the televised series was one of the best looking shows I’ve ever watched. The art, animation, and direction were some of the most incredible things I’ve had the pleasure of watching. And the movie is no different.

But this movie takes the insanity of the series and cranks it up to eleven. Then fifteen. Then tears the fucking knob off. It goes directly into fucking insanity town!

And I love it!

‘Wait, hang on!’ I hear you exclaiming in fury. ‘You hated the last two episodes of the show for being insane! What makes this any better?’

Well, for one, I actually know how we got here. In the show, they skipped every step that leads to Shinji’s Apocolypse inducing nightmares. Meanwhile, the first half of this movie is spent showing you the events that lead to madness. The fall of NERV, Asuka being torn apart, the death of Shinji’s parental figures and Rei merging with the Angel all build-up to the madness. Plus, it actually incorporates all of the story elements from the events that came before it, including the Angels and the Spear of Longinus.

This is the kind of insanity that I adore. The kind that still makes sense for the story while making me stare at it in wondrous confusion. Now, I retrospectively enjoy the last two episodes a bit more.

Though I am annoyed that I have to watch a movie just to understand the finale. Also to get the true finale. That’s not annoying at all.


Okay. I’m done with Evangelion now. I likely won’t ever need to talk about it again.

Despite my issues, I still enjoyed both the show and the movie. I can see why this series is a classic, and I have no doubt that people will be talking about it more for years to come. It is a fantastic piece of science fiction animation.

And hey! Maybe we’ll someday get a new dub that is both good and not homophobic!

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