Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2019 (Movie Monday)

Thus far, summer has been a good time for movies. At least, it has been for me. We started off incredibly strong with ‘Avengers: Endgame‘, which is now, unsurprisingly, the second highest grossing movie of all time. ‘Detective Pikachu‘ was a great time, one that made me feel like a little kid again. Then of course came ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters‘, which took my mental image of what the classic Godzilla movies looked like as a kid and translated it to the screen. It has been a decent start.

But the question is: will Hollywood be able to keep the momentum going? Well, if you ask me: yes. Sort of. At least for me.

Now, it isn’t all going to be smooth, at least not for me. Within the next week, we’re getting a new ‘Child’s Play‘ movie starring Mark Hamill as the murder doll himself: Chucky (if it were anything else, I’d be excited). On the subject of cursed murder dolls, we’re getting a new movie with not-Chucky: ‘Annabelle Comes Home‘. These might be a great time for horror fans. But a horror fan I am not.

But you know what I am a fan of? Spider-Man. Naturally, I’m excited as hell for the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘.


Endgame‘ was the final chapter of this era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, ‘Far From Home‘ will wrap it up completely as the epilogue, then open the book on a new era. Which may include whatever the hell this is!

Spider-Man/Fantastic Four cross-over? Or are we getting Toby back? I’m fine with either.

Everything we’ve seen from the trailers for ‘Far From Home‘ looks great! Mysterio’s iconic design is preserved while being updated to look cooler! The visuals are as great as ever (its Marvel, what did you expect), the performances are looking great, and most importantly: it looks fun! Everything looks fun, heartfelt, and action packed! It won’t be ‘Endgame‘ levels of big, but it looks like it will be a great Spider-Man flick. That’s all I need in my life.

Later down the line, we’re getting another flick that I’m super excited for: ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘. Admittedly, I’ve been staying away from the marketing for this movie. This is one I want to go into as blind as possible.


But the names attached to it have me more than a little excited. It is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, a legend in the film industry. We’ve got Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, and many more starts filling the cast, so there can be little doubt that the performances will be fantastic! It all seems very exciting. It looks like an exciting drama, one which I’m stoked to consume.

My next pick is incredibly simple. As well as a little stupid. But sometimes, I just want something dumb, simple, action packed and fun. And in that regard, ‘Hobbs & Shaw‘ looks like it has my number!


I’m not a huge fan of the ‘Fast and Furious‘ franchise. If I’m going to sit down and watch a movie, no matter the reason, these will never be my first pick. But everything I’ve seen from the new spin-off film puts a big, dumb smile on my face!

It won’t be the most sophisticated film I’ve ever seen. It won’t blow me away with incredible storytelling and visuals. When I sit down to write the review for it, I won’t sit here and shout “THIS IS A MUST WATCH!” But it looks fun! Sometimes, fun is all you need. As Reggie said…

I’ve never missed someone I’ve never met before as much as I do now.

Up to this point, I’ve been picking movies that I think will be good in one way or another. But one passion I have for cinema are movies that are so bad that they loop back around to being good. And since ‘Sonic the Hedgehog‘ is being delayed to make it less bad and fun, I guess ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold‘ will have to hold me over.


I want to know who approved this movie. The show itself was canceled years ago! The kids that would go to see this movie more than likely didn’t grow up with the cartoon that it’s based on! Dora’s time in the sun is long over! Why the hell does this movie exist?!

Does it look good? Fuck no! It looks like a cheap, direct-to-TV Disney movie from 2001! The acting is terrible, the script is clearly garbage, the visuals are clearly lazy and uninspired, and it clearly has little to no reverence of what the source material had to offer. It looks like a dumpster fire. And dear god do I love watching a dumpster blaze!

But if they don’t have one scene where Dora says “Where’s the mountain?” directly to the camera three times while the other characters look at her like she’s insane, then this movie is completely unsalvageable!


Those were my most anticipated films of the coming summer. Sure, not all of them look very good. Yes, the list is incredibly small. But in the summer where we’re getting ‘Toy Story 4‘ and live action ‘Lion King‘, I feel its satisfying that we’re getting anything good at all!

Let me know what movies you’re most looking forward to in the comments below. I’m curious about what you guys think. Plus, I need more movies to see in the next few months. I need to have things to review.

I also need a reason to leave my apartment aside from work. That would be appreciated.

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