Anime That Should Be Video Games (Game Night!)

Recently, I picked up a certain game. It’s a decently popular fighting game, one that will be on the floor for this year’s EVO. As I played through it, I started to think. I couldn’t help but think: “Hey! This story would be a lot better if it were an anime!” Naturally, this realization led to the inverse question: “What anime would be better off as games?”

And here we are. Answering that exact question.

I don’t think that the quality of these stories would much change. Trash writing takes a lot of fixing, and a shift in medium wouldn’t fix it. But at the very least, it would be more fun to experience those stories, should they be attached to a good video game. And yes; in this hypothetical, all of these games are good, regardless of the quality of the writing.

Let’s be real: it’s rare for a video game to have good writing anyways. Especially in anime games.

Also: no visual novels. I often go back and forth on whether or not those are actually games. As of me writing this, I’m leaning pretty heavily into the ‘no’ side.

With all that in mind, let’s get started.

Fairy Tail: Just Give it to ArcSys

Say what you will about Fairy Tail. I myself don’t think it’s very good, despite me actually quite enjoying it. But what can I say? I have a soft spot for the shows I watched first. Even if most of them were total trash.

But you can’t deny this much: the cast of characters is hugely diverse. And practically all of them have expansive and unique abilities. Sounds like a perfect fit for a fighting game, does it not?

Specifically, one made by Arc System Works. Why them specifically, you ask? Aside, of course, the fact that I just love all of their games, there are numerous reasons.

One: they are the best at 3D anime visuals. Don’t believe me? Then you clearly haven’t seen a single frame from Guilty Gear or Dragon Ball Fighterz. Because it cannot be denied that they have mastered the craft, and done so without rival. Just look at these screenshots!

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If you’ve seen even one episode from the Fairy Tail anime, then you’d know that it is far from the prettiest show out there. In fact, it may be one of the ugliest. It is a series that could desperately use a touch of that ArcSys magic.

Plus, I have no doubt that they’d make a great fighting game. I’m picturing a 2V2 tag-team fighter, where players pick from the various characters of the different guilds. Tag-team attacks are common in Fairy Tail, so that could play really well into the gameplay. And as I said earlier: there are no shortage of characters to pick from. The roster could be huge!

Oh, and did I mention the music? Because this may be the only time ArcSys doesn’t need to put their incredible musicians to work. Say what you will; Fairy Tail has some of the best music in anime. To deny as much is to stand up and shout “I have no taste whatsoever!”

Yes, Fairy Tail is trash. I’ve written a whole piece on it, the link to which will be at the bottom. But it’s just the right amount of trash to work in game form. And no one could do it better than ArcSys.

Next up:

Literally Any Sports Anime Ever Made

Yes. These would essentially be regular sports game. But can you deny that the anime flare wouldn’t make them far more entertaining?

Not to mention that the characters would give it life. People have grown genuinely attached to the casts of shows such as Haikyuu. They could make a perfect replacement for the real-life athletes that fill normal sports games.

Plus, they’d probably be better models. Not gonna lie; the characters in a normal sports game look like ass.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Hey CyberConnect2, It’s Your Turn

Fullmetal Alchemist is easily one of the best shows out there. It has some of the best characters, one of the most interesting worlds, and of course: some of the best action in all of anime. To my knowledge, no one has attempted to make a game out of it.

But you know who would do a great job? The guys who made the Naruto: Ninja Storm games! Or as I like to call them: the second best at anime visuals in video games. Don’t believe me?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you imagine running around and doing alchemy in a game that looked like this?!

Not to mention that the cast of FMA is absolutely huge, and no one character fights like the others do! From Ed to the seven Homunculi, each character boasts a huge variety of attacks! They’re practically begging to be put in a fighting game!

And that’s before we talk about the destructible environments! Think about it: every single fight in FMA results in catastrophic damage to the area around the combatants! Equivalent exchange, and all that. Playing the game could be a blast, if not just to see what you could do to the level itself!

I’d literally kill a man for this game. If for no other reason than to have an excuse to experience Fullmetal Alchemist again.


There you go. Those are my picks for anime that should be made into video games. I’m sure I could come up with more, but then I’d be at it for another few days. And I do need to write the inverse version of this essay for tomorrow.

Which will be a lot easier to write, I hope. I won’t have to sift through all the isekai shows to avoid easy picks. Now, I just need to dig through the piles of video games about a dude who gets transported to another-

Oh god, it won’t be any easier, will it?

An Honest Critique of Fairy Tail: And-Then Storytelling

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