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Angels: Solar (Best of the Bestiary)

At last, we’ve reached the third and final Angel in the Monster Manual. Luckily, the wonderful folks over at Wizards of the Coast decided to save the best for last. It’s time to talk about Solar.

This dude is intense! Not only does he have the best stats out of any of the Angels by a long shot, but he also has the coolest stand-alone lore out of any of his peers. However, while I do feel his design is effective, I find it to be less interesting than Planetar.

Let’s start with their lore. These guys are essentially the SEAL Team 6 of the Gods. There are only twenty-four of them in existence, and they either herald a God or sit around contemplating. Both only step in when a phenomenal cosmic threat turns its head. Why only then, you ask?

Because these are the only ones who can handle it! Their swords fly into battle on their own, and they need only one arrow to slay their foe. They have so much power that even a Demon Prince would tremble in fear at their mere mention. They are a divine cyclone of death and justice.

There are quite a few possible routes for a story surrounding a Solar. Perhaps the party could find one devoid of a Godly charge and convince him to aide them in their quest. Maybe a great evil is trying to trick one, and the party could either save him or push him over the edge. Or the party could be sent by the Gods to find them, as a mysterious event has made them go missing. They have a ton of story telling potential, which is among the most crucial aspects of a D&D creature.

However, as I foreshadowed earlier: I find their designs somewhat lacking.

Sure, they do look as they should: divine, powerful and unstoppable. But they, just like the other godly servants before them, just look so… generic! There is little to no creativity in this design, nothing to help it stand out! It just looks like a typical angel.

Still, what they lack in design is more than made up for in combat ability. The stats on these dudes are monstrous! They’ve got three Legendary Actions to play with (which, for those who don’t know, are actions that let the creature fold the fabric of reality like paper and do whatever the fuck they want), tons of high-level spells, and damage numbers that would make any level one Wizard shit the bed before having a heart attack and die. Unless the party is of super high level, you do not want to set them against one of these boys.

All in all? I like the Solar well enough. They aren’t my favorite monster, nor are they my favorite Angel. But they’re certainly cool, and make for some good stories.

With that in mind, let’s plug them into the list!

  1. Aboleth
  2. Aarackocra
  3. Planetar
  4. Solar
  5. Deva

Thus, we’re finally done talking about the Angels. Now we can continue forward and discuss some of the more creative entries in the Bestiary!

Oh please let them be more creative. I want to talk about something cool looking!

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