Spring Anime 2019: What to Keep an Eye On (Watch This Anime!)

Friends, spring is upon us at last. The winter grey’s are gone, and vibrant color is returning to the world. A warm breeze is wafting through the fields, melting the last of the snow and freeing the grass. The leaves of the trees are in bloom, filling the world with vibrant color. But more importantly than any of those: we have an all new season of anime to watch!

The variety of shows we have is huge this season! We’ve got plenty of romance, some exciting action, and some hilarious comedies! However, with those blossoms on the trees comes disappointment. Many classic shows are returning, be they through remakes or new seasons. But not everything can meet expectations.

So let’s get this one right out of the way: One Punch Man season 2.


After years of waiting, several changes in studio and team, and more production issues than we can count, the new season of One Punch Man is finally here. And frankly? If this is what we waited for, I’d have preferred to wait longer. Frankly, I’m not sure I want it at all.

The first season was well known for it’s drop dead gorgeous animation. It made watching the show infinitely more entertaining, which was already impressive considering how good the writing was. However, One’s spectacular ability to tell a story is massively bogged down by the art and animation this time around. In that it is unbearably awful!

Now, if you haven’t watched the season yet, I need to make this clear. This is one of, if not the, worst looking season of a show I’ve ever seen. And I suffered through seventeen episodes of Persona 5: The Animation!

Yes, the story is still great. So long as they stick to the source material, it will be. But the visual spectacle, one of the best aspects of the first season, has been completely ruined! Frankly, you’d probably be better off just reading the manga. I honestly can’t recommend watching this season. It is easily the biggest disappointment this season.

Now let’s talk about the exact opposite: the Fruits Basket remake.


I never watched the original Fruits Basket. It always stood as one of those classic shows from the 90’s that I’d have to get around to eventually. But with this new remake, I find that I no longer need to.

This show feels old, yet new. The style is still clearly ripped straight out of the 90’s, but it’s been updated with modern tech and higher production values. On top of that, the source material is a finished product, so we don’t need to worry about terrible anime-original endings or BS filler. It’s pure, beautiful romantic comedy.

It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s incredibly charming. This show is a pure delight, and it’s making a strong case for best show of the season. If not that, it’s easily the best romance show.

And considering how many more there are this season, that’s quite the statement. In fact, let’s do a quick lightning round of those, shall we?

  • Why the hell are you here, Teacher?! (First Domestic Girlfriend, and now this. The spice is real this year!)
  • Ao-chan Can’t Study! (There’s also a lot of shows about girls trying to study this season.)
  • We Never Learn: Bokuben (it’s like the Quintessential Quintuplets, but without the genuinely good character writing)
  • Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride (it’s a show about a fourteen year old trying to convince a grown man to plow her. I want no part of this.)

Wow, those sure were shows! Now let’s never talk about those again and discuss this season’s new Shounen fix: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.


I feel the best synopsis I can give this show is ‘Predictable, but Enjoyable’. If you’re familiar with Shounen, especially darker stories within the genre, you’ll be able to call what’s going to happen pretty easily. But the story is executed incredibly well, the animation is gorgeous, and the action is pretty fucking hype. So I have a hard time complaining.

I’d recommend giving this show a look. It’s grim, gorgeous and exhilarating from start to end. Not counting carry over shows from the last season, (those being Shield Hero and Dororo), this is making a strong case for my favorite action show this season.

Especially since One Punch Man flopped so hard for me…

Now, before we wrap up, let’s go through another quick lightning round to point out any other shows I feel are worth mentioning. Here we go!

  • Isekai Quartet (Konosuba, Overlord, Re:Zero and The Saga of Tanya the Evil. All in a chibi-style cross over. What the fuck is happening?!)
  • Fairy Gone (this is the dumbest premise I’ve ever seen. And it’s played completely straight. I kind of love this.)
  • Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu (fucking hell, that title… but this show is really cute, so I can’t be mad.)
  • Carole & Tuesday (I’d be talking about this one in more depth, but it’s Netflix locked here in the States, so… fuck me, I guess.)
  • Joshi Kausei (cute girls doing cute things: silent movie edition.)
  • Mix (SPORTS!!)
  • Persona 5 The Animation: Stars and Ours (God has cursed me, and my suffering is never finished.)


Holy shit, there are a lot of shows this season! Most of them are a ton of fun, even if there are a few really disappointing duds among them. I don’t think it’s as strong as spring of last year, but it’s certainly good. Winter had some great shows, and spring isn’t disappointing.

At least, not so far. We are only a few weeks in at the moment. Maybe it’ll get better, or maybe it will get worse. All we can do is wait, watch and see.

But One Punch Man will have to do a lot if it wants to bounce back. Like, a lot.

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