Angels Part 3: Planetar (Best of the Bestiary)

Time we carry on with our trek through the heavens. This time, we’re discussing the weapons of the Gods: Planetar.

These muscular, hairless warriors are some of the toughest fuckers around. They rarely appear, so their presence is a big deal. Often times, they’re sent to aide a party of worthy heroes in slaying a powerful foe, or to simply do something incredibly good. As such, they make great NPC companions for a high level party.

That, or they could be a morally grey enemy. Planetar angels are also sent down to judge mortals, then aide/punish accordingly. They can call rains to bring droughts to an end, or they can summon hoards of insects carrying plague to make it worse. They can never judge incorrectly, as their ears and eyes can detect any lie.

Depending on the party, this could be used as an excellent source of conflict. Do they save a village that a Planetar has decided to punish? Or do they deem the angel’s judgement incorrect and commit crimes against a prospering one? The possibilities are all quite interesting, and could make for a great one-off adventure.

A battle with a Planetar, while very straightforward, could also prove challenging and fun. They’re stats are pretty high, their AC and HP are both titanic, and they have plenty of spells that could ruin your party’s day. On the other hand, they could make an excellent supporting NPC if the party is facing down something stronger for story reasons, such as an Aboleth.

Alright. So they have solid lore and they’re easy to use in the game. But how’s it’s design? Well, much like the one that came before it: simple. Almost boringly so.

However, I do prefer Planetar’s design over the other Angels. It’s the perfect mixture of beautiful and intimidating. You really get the sense that these guys are the number one fighters for the Gods.

And just like the beings whom they serve: you don’t wanna fuck with them.

These guys are definitely a step up from the last angels we spoke about. But they’re still far from my favorite monsters in the books. With that in mind, let’s plug ’em into our list.

  1. Aboleth
  2. Aarakocra
  3. Planetar
  4. Deva

Planetar angels are certainly cool. Likely my favorite of the angels. But they still pale in comparison to some of the later monsters.

Which we’ll get to after we’re done with the final Angel next week.

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