Mob Psycho 100 Season 2: Spoiler Ridden Fanboy Gushing (Watch This Anime!)

Friends, Mob Psycho 100’s second season has come to a glorious end. I’ve reviewed every episode, and it’s safe to say I loved them all. But each of those posts were handicapped by one thing: they were as spoiler free as I could make them. As such, I couldn’t really talk about much of what made this season so damn good!

But now it’s all out, and you can watch it all right now. So if you are reading this and you haven’t seen the show… what the fuck are you doing? Why are you even reading this? I don’t get you.

If you aren’t a weirdo, then be warned! If you aren’t done with the new season yet, go finish that before you read this. In case the title didn’t make it clear, there will be spoilers ahead.

First and foremost in our spoiler ranting, we have the strongest scene in the first episode, as well as my favorite scene all season: Mob and Emi. Specifically, the ending of the first episode. Words cannot describe how fucking good this scene is! The music is beautiful, the animation is as gorgeous as ever, and holy fuck the feels! We’re only one episode in and I’m already in hysterics!

But the hits only kept coming. Episode three presented us with one of the darker scenes in the series. For the first time, Mob was faced down by a trio of spirits that weren’t pure evil. They were just a sad, terrified family who didn’t want to pass on. Never before has Mob’s actions regarding spirits been dyed so heavily in grey. It’s a chilling scene, one that adds an extra layer of depth to the spirits, making the world feel more alive.

Or dead, I guess. This series is odd.

Then, of course, came the battle with Mogami. Holy shit, this could have been the fucking season finale! His clash with Mob, from his imprisonment of our young hero in a mental hell to their movie-level final battle, is easily one of the most intense in any anime I’ve ever seen! It put the fucking Broly movie against a wall in terms of quality! It’s disturbing, emotional, and absolutely incredible!

Did you think the emotional hits were done? You could not possibly have been more wrong! Because after this, we got the rise and fall of our boy Reigen! We witness him becoming drunk off of his sudden success, which causes him to push Mob away. He falls into a dark place as he realizes that he doesn’t have any real friends. So what else can he do but work harder than ever? He climbs higher than he ever has before.

All building up to his crushing fall. When he’s pushed to his darkest, he asks himself why he does what he does. In this moment, we return to the single sweetest moment of season one, this time from Reigen’s perspective: Mob and Reigen’s first encounter. After this flashback, we get one of the most tear wrenching lines in the whole show.

You’ve grown a lot, huh? -Reigen

Followed immediately by another of the most heartwarming scenes. Mob confesses that he’s known what Reigen really was from the very beginning. But he’s never cared. He’s always known that his master, while not a powerful psychic, is a genuinely great guy.


Unfortunately, the season wasn’t flawless. There was one scene that, while powerful in the moment, was spoiled later. I am, of course, talking about Mob’s house burning down. When it first happens, it’s a huge gut punch! But then it’s revealed that, not only is Mob’s family perfectly fine, but their house will be back up and ready to live in within three days.

There goes all of the tension and impact… Oh well.

Despite this, I still absolutely adored this season. It was easily the best show this winter season. Almost everything in this show was just so fucking good! It’s got problems, but no piece of media out there doesn’t! And no matter how bad it could get…

At least it’s better than One Punch Man’s second season. Which is the most depressing sentence I’ve written in my entire life.

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