Angels Part 2: Deva (Best of the Bestiary)

Last week, we discussed the shared lore of the three Angels in the Monster Manual. Link to that down below at the bottom. Today, we’re going to focus in on the first of the three. The messengers of the Gods, and the pretty boy angels: Deva.


As the messengers of the gods, Devas very rarely take on their true form. Usually, they’ll appear to mortals as inconspicuous humans or even as animals. They only take on their true form when absolutely necessary, as they aren’t the combatants of the Divine.

Though you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking so. While a Deva is far from the most powerful of monsters in the manual, their stats are still fairly high. With an AC of 17, HP well within the one hundred to two hundred range, stat modifiers no lower than a +3, magic out the ass and attack power that will fill the DM’s hands with more d8s than an average wizard would be comfortable with, these guys still don’t fuck around. Sure, a mid-level party could deal with one, and a high level party would dispatch one with little issue. But these guys could easily put up a strong fight.

Now, there is one major issue with Deva. It’s really hard to incorporate them into a campaign in a creative way. Their lore is greatly limited, and they wouldn’t work well for the different story options I presented in the last post on Angels. The only way you could really put them to use is as the NPC to give the characters a greater quest.

Putting them into a combat encounter is also nigh impossible, unless you’re running an evil campaign. Giving the players a reason to fight a Deva is incredibly difficult. And as stated earlier: they’re only a real threat to low-level parties.

His design also falls flat for me. He reminds me too much of Jake and Logan Paul, only given wings and a big mace. Sure, it’s angelic (let it not be said that those two morons aren’t pretty), but it’s far from inspired. Compared to the other creatures in this book, these guys are far from visually interesting.

As you may have gleamed, I’m not a huge fan of the Deva. They’re boring to look at, difficult to incorporate well into the story of the campaign, and they’re own, self-contained lore is minuscule and boring. With that in mind, here’s what my Best of the Bestiary List looks like.

  1. Aboleth
  2. Aarakocra
  3. Deva

Look at that! Our list is starting to come together! A few weeks from now, and it will look like a proper list! But first, we need to get through Deva’s brothers: Planetar and Solar. Luckily, I have a few more positive things to say about these guys.

But that’s for next week.

Angels Part 1: Shared Lore

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