Movie Monday, Movies

Movie Monday

Mondays (Surprise)

Movies are great. At best, they can creatively inspire and entertain at the same time. At worst, they remind you what hatred feels like and gives you something to talk about. At the best kind of worst, you have a comedic experience unlike any other.

Movie Monday is exactly what it sounds like. Once a week, I’ll be sitting down and judging one movie based on a few criteria. These are:

  • Cinematography: how does a movie look? Are the shots visually creative and interesting? How does the lighting and use of color improve the shot?
  • Script: does the dialogue sound natural while carrying impact?
  • Acting: how are the actors handling the script, and are their performances believable and engaging?
  • Story: is the plot interesting and engaging? In the case of a sequel, how does it build and expand upon the prior films? In a remake, how does it set itself apart? Or how does a reboot handle the story in comparison to the original?
  • Visual effects: how convincing are the special effects? Do they still hold up? Do they add or detract from the film?
  • Fun: this is the most important factor. If I had fun, then the others will be more easily overlooked.

Based on these, I’ll decide whether the movie was worth my time and if it’s worth yours. There won’t be a scoring system, no A+s or 10/10s. Just a simple ‘watch it’ or ‘skip it’. In my eyes, that’s all you need, and it’s a far more effective system than numbers or letters.

Any movie can qualify for analysis. I will not be barring off films with low budgets, or those filmed in other countries. From Hollywood to China, from ten billion dollars to five, new or old, any movie qualifies for analysis.

Except for home made movies by kids or cringe inducing tweens/teenagers. Even I have a limit to the amount of bullshit I can stomach.

So pop your corn, grab a drink the size of your skull and get cozy! It’s movie night!

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