Watch This Anime!


Y’know what I love? Anime.

Of all the different forms of art I consume on a daily basis, anime feels the most unpredictable. With American movies, you can generally predict what you’re getting pretty easily, depending on the studio, series and creators involved.

But anime? You never know what you’re getting there! For all you know, this romantic comedy series is about to become a Shounen battle show! Think you have it figured out? Think again, cause there’s a curve ball headed your way!

Because of this sheer unpredictability, anime hasn’t, and never will, get old to me. It’s extremely entertaining to watch, and new shows crop up every season. There’s so much to talk about that it seems overwhelming at times!

That’s why this new series has been born. Every Saturday, I’ll pick a show from the insanely large catalogue of anime out there. After a thorough analysis, I’ll let you know whether or not I feel it’s worth your time.

My criteria are as follows:

  • Story: is the plot interesting and engaging? Is it unique, or does it play to the tropes of the genre? If it falls into the ladder, do they refine those tropes to a shiny new T or do they subvert them? Is the story better because of it?
  • Art and animation: how does the show look? Is the style unique and well animated? Does it physically hurt to look at?
  • Music/Sound Design: how is the show on the ears? Is the music improving or worsening a scene? Does the sound design immerse you, or is it so awful that it knocks you right out of the experience?
  • Pacing: how does the show use it’s time? Is it so slow it drags? Or is it so quick it causes whiplash?

There are also genre specific criteria. Those should be obvious: is the action good, does the comedy make me laugh, is the romance cute, etcetera. Y’know, the usual things.

Also, I really feel like I don’t need to specify that I won’t discuss hentai. But I will anyways. Let’s keep this appropriate, shall we?

Or at least as appropriate as anime will allow… God, I hope

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