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Day 334: Actual Oscar Nominated Black Panther

Directed By: Ryan Coogler
Written By: Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o
Run Time: 2 Hours, 14 Minutes
Release Date: February 16th, 2018
Link to IMDb

No, that title isn’t a joke. This movie has been nominated for several Oscar awards for the 2019 awards. Including BEST PICTURE! All because it’s the first black (or African American if you think that describing someone by how they look is racist) super hero film.

Because I guess the Blade trilogy doesn’t count.

I have a question for Hollywood. Are you guys that afraid of being white? Seriously, this is the most forced attempt to seem progressive that I’ve seen in a long fucking time. Whether people liked this movie or hated it, they all agreed on one thing: it wasn’t Best Picture worthy. And it’s not because of race; no Marvel movie is worthy of a best picture. Including Black Panther makes you seem more racist than you’d be if you just left it off.

Ugh… I could go on and on about how dumb The Oscars are, but that’s a rant for another day. Feel free to let me know how racist I am for thinking this way in the comments below.

Now, with all that drama aside, let’s talk about the movie itself. If you’re unfamiliar with box office results, let me as a former movie theater employee that worked when this came out (which is also around when I first started blogging, fun little fact) tell you something. This movie was fucking hugeThis is easily one of the most successful films in the entire MCU.

And upon watching it, I have a hard time figuring out why. It’s a good movie, but it’s far from a great one. Personally, I’ve had an odd arc with this movie. When I first saw it, I liked it a lot. Upon seeing it again, I think it’s just okay.

Most everything in this movie is simply standard for a Marvel movie. The story, dialogue, cinematography and action are all very cookie-cutter Marvel. The only real stand out things to talk about are the villain and the god awful special effects.

Let’s start with the first and more positive of these two: Killmonger. This is one of the stronger villains in the Marvel series up to this point. He has a clear, well defined motivation that is easily understood and can be rooted for. His dynamic with T’Challa is simple but interesting. Plus, his final lines are fucking metal as hell!

Why, so you can lock me up? Nah. Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ’cause they knew death was better than bondage. -Killmonger

That shit is fucking hardcore and I love it! No one in the Marvel Universe has said anything this powerful!

But then we’ve got the biggest issue: the visual effects. Specifically, the CGI.

This movie is hideous. Seriously, I haven’t seen CGI this bad in a superhero movie since the first Spider-Man movie! It all looks horribly fake, like the cut scene from a PS2 video game. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen PS2 cutscenes that look better than some of the action scenes in this movie.

That may sound hyperbolic, but remember: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2 and Devil May Cry 3 were all on the PS2.

That’s about all there is worth talking about. The rest is so average by Marvel standards that I have a hard time remembering any of it. Luckily, the standard set up to this point has been pretty high, so it’s still decently fun to watch. And if you happened to miss it in theaters, then don’t worry! They always play the Best Picture nominations in theaters before the Oscars.

The fact that I had to put that down when talking about a Marvel movie makes me feel strange.

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