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Day 322: The Avengers First Round Up

Directed By: Joss Whedon
Writers: Joss Whedon, Zak Penn
Release Date: May 4th, 2012
Run Time: 2h 23m (2h 23m of which are super fun)
Link to IMDb

Finally! Now we’re having a good time!

If you ask me, this is where the MCU finally got good. Sure, Iron Man 1 was solid. But Avengers made these characters a house hold name! Think about it, can you find anyone who doesn’t know who Captain America or Iron Man are after this movie?

If you say you can, then congratulations! You’re a liar.

This movie is odd. On the surface, you don’t think it would be that good. It’s shot and lit like a TV movie, the dialogue is corny as hell, and many of the costumes just look really silly. It feels like a comic book come to life, in all the best and worst ways. I mean, where else would you hear this exchange done so seriously?

Stark! We need a plan of attack! -Captain America
I have a plan: attack! -Iron Man

That line is cheesy as hell. But somehow, against all odds, it’s really awesome.

There are several reasons why, but the strongest by far are the actors. Everyone is doing a phenomenal job, and their chemistry with one another is simply flawless. This even extends to the action, where their compatibility shines via team combos. Captain America using his shield to deflect Iron Man’s blasts to hit more enemies is fucking rad as hell!

It’s also got a fair amount of fun fan service. Watching Hulk try to lift Thor’s hammer is something that everyone wanted to see, and Cap’s conflict with Tony is a fantastic nod towards the Civil War comic and a small setup towards the movie itself. And Tony’s quick but awkward friendship with Bruce is just great.

The other strongest aspect of this film is the music. Specifically, the Avenger’s theme. This song quickly became one of the most iconic and widely hummed tunes in all of cinema. It’s right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme or the Star Wars theme. I’m willing to bet you’ve started humming these tunes just because I mentioned them, which is a strong testament of their quality.

This movie is great. It’s a ton of fun to watch from beginning to end. To me, this marked the turning point of the Marvel movies. After this, we only climbed upwards in quality!

With the exception of The Dark World. But that’s not until later.

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