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Day 308: Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Analysis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It is a really fucking good time to be a Spider-Man fan. From the comics to the games, every last bit of Spider-Man related media has been absolutely stellar these last few years.

Except for Venom apparantley. But I haven’t seen that one yet, so I can’t make my own opinion on it.

Luckily, the hype train is only going to keep on rolling. Yesterday, Sony Pictures released the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel to the 2017 hit Spider-Man Homecoming. Tom Holland (AKA best Peter Parker fight me Toby Maquire fans) returns, and now he’s going international! For the first time on the big screen, Spider-Man is leaving New York City!

Not counting Infinity War. Or Into The Spider-Verse. Space and dimensional travel is cheating.

Today, I’m going to give this trailer as deep an analysis as I’m capable of. I’ll be trying to deduce as much of the plot as possible, who we can expect from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, and any other little hints or nods I feel are worth mentioning. With all that in mind, let’s get started.

This trailer puts a smile on your face from the moment it starts. Spider-Man is awkwardly helping Aunt May with a charity event for the homeless, and the two high five behind the scenes (I guess May is A-OK with Peter putting his life endanger every day). Then, to Peter’s shock, Happy arrives with a big check and starts flirting back and forth with May.

So we’re going to get a will-they won’t-they with Happy and May. I never thought I’d want that, but I can’t say I’m not excited.

After that, we get a nice montage of Peter preparing for a school trip to Europe. We see the deli owner from Homecoming (Y’know, the guy with the cat who almost blew up), Peter taking an awkward photo for a passport, and packing his clothes for the trip. He doesn’t, however, bring along his Spidey suit, as he just wants to have a good time with his friends and he believes that he won’t be needed.

Which he totally won’t be. Why would you think that? That’s crazy talk!

We then get another brief montage of Peter, Ned and MJ hanging out in Europe. Here, we see the first blossomings of Peter and MJ’s relationship. Peter confides in Ned, but Ned can’t answer, as he’s knocked out by a tranquilizer dart fired by none other than Nick Fury himself.

I wonder if he’ll be okay in Endgame. I sure hope he is.

After this, the music shifts. No longer is it a happy go lucky insert song. Now it’s an orchestral and dramatic recreation of the iconic Spider-Man theme. And it is fucking awesome and I want it now!

After this, it’s all action. We see some elemental looking dudes rampaging, one of whom looks a lot like Sand-Man, but I wouldn’t count on it being him. Especially since we see another few just like him, though the one most heavily focused on is a big water storm.

Also in this montage, we see two of Peter’s new suits. There’s his new Far From Home suit, which looks pretty nice, and his Stealth Suit. As far as I can tell, this doesn’t seem to be a reference to anything. But it does look pretty cool.

After some action happens, we start to hear Happy telling Peter something over the phone about how he needs to step up to plate. This insinuates a few things. One, Happy and Peter’s relationship is going to change dramatically from what it was before. Two, Happy is going to take up the role of ‘Uncle Ben Mark 2’, which I’m super excited to see. And three: Peter is gonna go through some stressful shit in this movie.

All of which I’m excited to see. But none of it compares to the reveal of one of my favorite Spider-Man characters: Mysterio. And it’s just as glorious as I’d always hoped.

And before you ask, yes. He does have the fishbowl helmet.

Shortly after Mysterio appears without his helmet, we get go see him flying around the giant water dude from earlier, casting some green rune based magic. This brings up a lot of interesting questions. One: is Mysterio actually the bad guy of the movie, or is he genuinely trying to be a hero? Two: is that actual Magic, like Doctor Strange uses, or is it all trickery to make everyone believe that he’s a good guy? And 3: how will he and Peter react to one another? Will they trust one another? Will Peter suspect him?

Mysterio is, as the name may imply, quite mysterious and I fucking love it!

After everything, we get a funny scene of everyone reacting to Mysterio’s appearance on the news. In this scene, we see Flash Thompson praising Spider-Man before throwing an insult Peter’s way. It’s cute, fun, and reminds us that the film will still have a light hearted tone.

Also, I guess Flash is okay with Spider-Man having stolen, then proceeding to wreck, his father’s car and ruin his Homecoming. I guess Flash is a more chill dude than we thought, because I’d fucking hate Spider-Man in his shoes.

Looking at it all, I don’t think this plot is super hard to predict. At least for the most part. It’s clear that Peter is going to have to learn yet another lesson about responsibility and what it means to be a hero, which hopefully won’t be a repeat of the last movie. What is vague, however, is Mysterio and his relationships with the mysterious elemental attackers. I’m intrigued and excited to see where it goes.

Aside from the music, this trailer was very light on references and easter eggs. In fact, there very well not be any at all. Or I’m just fucking blind and stupid, that’s also a real possibility.

Still, lack of a fun Easter aside, I’m super excited for this movie. It’s got an intriguing plot, one of my favorite villains, and it’s doing plenty of fun things with the characters that strike my fancy. I don’t think it will be as good as Spider-Verse, but it will hopefully be great regardless.

Now, the question is: do people need to have seen the last two Spider-Man 2s to understand this one?

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