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My Review Academia S3 E24: The Face in the Wall

This episode had a very odd opening. Not bad, just very strange.

For the first eleven minutes or so, we follow a strange blonde man as he monologues to himself about the changes in society occurring due to All Might’s retirement. He wanders around town, witnesses a few crimes, and struggles with a second voice in his head. It’s kind of fascinating, making you wonder just who this guy is for a sizable chunk of time, but it is dragged down by all the information he’s casually spitting out.

The problem is that it’s all information we already knew. Endeavor is the new #1 Hero, and plot twist: people don’t like him as much as All Might. Villains are getting more bold and violent now that the Symbol of Peace is gone, and the League of Villains is only getting stronger and stronger. It would be an incredibly interesting scene if we didn’t know all this already. But because we do, this whole first chunk feels repetitive and it can get kind of boring.

Right up until the blonde guy puts on his mask and reveals that he was actually the villain Twice all along. Y’know. This guy.


We also get to briefly meet four new villains who will probably be playing a major role in the next arc. We don’t know much about them, but from what we’ve seen they seem interesting and intimidating. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys will get up to in the future.

But seeing as the season might be ending soon, I don’t think we’ll get that for a while.

The rest of the episode is spent introducing two things: The Big Three, and the Hero Work Studies.

All we really got from the latter is really basic: the students with provisional licenses can go out and help with real day-to-day crimes. The next episode promises to teach us more, but it seems like it will primarily focus on introducing the former: the Big Three.

These guys are said to be the top of UA, and I get the feeling I know why. All we’ve gotten so far are their designs and one scene with the blonde one, who seems to be #1. Honestly? I really like these guys. It took me a bit to warm up to Blonde’s eyes, the chick seems cute and energetic, and the third one looks like Sasuke.

We also got a brief scene where Blonde meets Deku as he takes out the trash, appearing to him as a face in the wall. I would call the encounter creepy…

If it weren’t absolutely hilarious.

Still, this whole episode was yet another table-setting beat in the story. We’ve got our new villains, and our new heroes, both of whom look really interesting and fun respectively. I’m really looking forward to where this next arc will go.

Presuming, that is, that it isn’t cut off by the season ending. I honestly have no idea how they’re going to handle that.

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