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Day 178: Spiderman (PS4, Homecoming, Etc.)

With the brand new Spiderman game finally dropping on the PS4 (and racking in some extremely positive reviews) I figured now would be a good time to talk about the web-slinging teen in tights.

Now, this isn’t a review. I didn’t pre-order a copy (because fucking Amazon didn’t have any physical copies up for pre-order until the month of release and I’m a firm believer in having a physical disc if possible) so I don’t have the game yet. I’ll probably pick it up around Christmas time.

I mean, come on: Spiderman: Arkham Spider looks fucking awesome!

All joking aside, the game does look pretty awesome. It looks really good, all the action looks sick as hell, and most importantly: swinging around looks like fun! We haven’t gotten fun web-swinging since Spiderman 2 on the PS2! That came out when I was but a wee lad.

Oh god, I’m getting old…

I can go on and on about how the game looks fantastic, but again: I haven’t played it. Kind of hard to review a game you don’t own. Maybe I’ll make a follow up once I’ve actually played it, but we’ll get there later.

For now, we’ll focus on the general space that Spidey is in, the space he was in before, and mostly his most recent full length movie: Spiderman: Homecoming.

As a massive fan of Spiderman (he’s been my favorite since I was a kid), I love the current environment that he’s in. After several reboots, Hollywood has finally figured out how to write this character well, and Tom Holland is the best possible actor for the character, both in attitude and physical age. Hell, his monstrous rival Venom is even getting his own movie next month which… might be good.

Hard might on that.

It’s a much better place than the franchise was in before. The original Spiderman trilogy from the 90s and 2000s have… not really aged well (especially not the terrible Spiderman 3) and it’s first attempted reboot, the Amazing Spiderman, was… awful, good god those movies were fucking terrible.

Hilarious? Kind of. But the fun can only go so far.

Luckily, as mentioned earlier, Spidey is now standing in a much better space. His comics, games and movies alike are all good, whereas the older times only really had good comics. And one good example of this is his latest full-length cinematic adventure: Homecoming.

No, I don’t count Infinity War. I might have, if the ending didn’t… you know.

Homecoming was a fun solo adventure that brought the true Spiderman to the big-screen for the first time. Here, they finally nailed both his design and personality, creating the perfect characterization of the classic comic character.

Is it a flawless product? Not really. But it’s still the best Spiderman movie. And for those who are saying Spiderman 2…

Go back and watch it again without those rose-tinted goggles. If you still think so, then let me know.

Homecoming has a ton of good stuff going for it that aren’t Spiderman. The characters are fantastic (especially Ned and Vulture) the story is simple and engaging (and doesn’t have Uncle Ben getting shot again) featuring a prominent role for Tony Stark and even foreshadowing for the Iron Spider suit for Infinity War (I fucking love the Iron Spider suit). Some of the action scenes are fucking sweet, and the opening credits even have a modern remix of the Spiderman Theme.

It never comes back, but the fact that it was there at all is worth praising.

Still, like I said: it’s not flawless. The cinematography isn’t anything special, the score (aside from that Spiderman remix and insert songs) is forgettable, and the special effects are… sub-par for a Marvel movie, at least in my opinion.

Flaws aside, this is the best Spiderman movies, and it’s well within my top three MCU movies. I look forward to the sequel (oh yeah, in case you were afraid that Spiderman was staying dead in Infinity War, he is slated for a sequel) and the animated Into the Spider-verse looks awesome.

To summarize: it’s a good time to be a Spidey fan. From comics to games to movies, it’s been a while since he’s gotten this much good content.

But you can never forget the bad times. Looking at you, Amazing Spiderman 2.

I will never forget.

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