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My Review Academia S3 E17: Best Girls +Shoji VS Smart Girl

Holy fuck, this episode was awesome!

Continuing with the new Quirk introductions, we got two brand new Quirks for our heroes to face in this episode: a girl with an IQ that rises every time she drinks tea (okay then) and some guy who can turn people into a useless pile of hand-held flesh (this one was so disturbing I actually screamed ‘YO WHAT THE FUCK’ while watching it, so I’d say it’s pretty effective). Aside from that, we don’t get anything new.

What we do get is two duels of intense wit. First, we get the wrap up of Todoroki VS the Colorful Ninjas, making Todoroki the first member of 1-A to pass. The majority of the episode is spent with Yaorozu, Tsu, Jiro and Shoji in a building while the super-genius chick and her classmates slowly trap them in completely.

The latter battle is easily the longer and more entertaining. Watching Yaorozu and the super-smart chick playing a Sherlock Holmes VS Moriarty mind game is super intense, and watching them wipe all the enemies out (except for smart chick, who nearly eliminates Yaorozu before the others rescue her) in a single sound-based attack was super cool and satisfying.

After that, we got a little setup for the big confrontations of the next episode with Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari being ambushed by creepy flesh-dude (again, I cannot emphasize how creepy his Quirk is) and Deku, Uraraka and Sero VS the big group of students. On top of this, we get Aizawa complimenting both Deku and Bakugo for spreading an indescribable passion to the rest of Class 1-A before the episode ends on a pretty rad still-shot of both boys smiling as they fight.

This episode was a ton of fun. Watching four of my favorite side characters struggle against a seemingly impossible situation was extremely satisfying and entertaining, and I cannot wait for the battles in the next episode.

Once this show gets going, it almost never fails to disappoint, and I get the feeling this arc isn’t going to let me down.

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