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My Review Academia S3 E16: So… Many… New Quirks…

Hot damn, this new arc kicked off with a bang! There was so much cool and interesting stuff that I almost lost track of it all! So let’s just go over it all one by one, shall we? Cause there’s a lot to get through!

And I really don’t want to review P5A right now, so I’m gonna be as detailed as possible.

For one, we get to see many of the new Quirks from some of the new characters. For example, the main antagonist of the arc (I keep forgetting his name, but I love him) uses a wind-based Quirk that creates extremely powerful gusts of air, while the polite Deku look-a-like creates powerful vibrations that can break stone. But most prominently in this episode, we get the blonde chick from UA’s rival school who can disguise herself as anyone.

At the sacrifice of her clothing. Because anime.

We also get a group of ninjas who attack Todoroki (I’m not even joking, they are legit ninjas) some guy who can make anything a boomerang (or something like that) a girl who can retract her body into itself like a turtle into it’s shell (it’s kind of freaky to watch) and some kid who can make anything non-living he touches super hard and jagged.

Seeing all of these new Quirks in action was pretty cool, and seeing how our protagonists dealt with them was equally cool. For example, Deku uses One-For-All Full Cowl to dodge all the oncoming attacks and the new Iron Soles in his boots to destroy the environment, creating an extra high-power attack on top of his kicks. He uses this to get away with the chick disguised as Uraraka, who then attacks him before he’s rescued by actual Uraraka and Sero, who looks to be playing a bigger role in the arc.

Fucking finally. I love it when the characters we haven’t seen much of before come out and do something awesome, and Sero was always a character that caught my interest in passing. I’m excited to see if he’ll do something cool.

We also caught a glimpse at some of the new abilities the Class A students have. For example, Jiro (the one with earphone jacks) can now amplify her power to the point in which she can break stone, and Ashido (the pink acid chick) can create a veil of acid as a shield against oncoming projectiles. It’s pretty rad, and I look forward to seeing more from the other characters.

Overall, this episode was really good. It had me captivated from start to end, and seeing all these cool and interesting new powers made me excited for the future of the arc. Plus, considering that 54 people have already passed out of 100, I get the feeling the rest of this phase is only going to get more tense.

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