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  • Earth Elemental: The Rock Monster from Galaxy Quest

    Earth Elemental: The Rock Monster from Galaxy Quest

    I was gonna use a screenshot from the movie, but apparently those just don’t exist in the right aspect ratio, and I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna take the screenshot myself. So you just get a flat image of rocks. Sorry not sorry. Again, earth elementals don’t really have much lore to talk about. Nor […]

  • Air Elemental: I Am The Storm That is Approaching

    Air Elemental: I Am The Storm That is Approaching

    If you can guess what that title is a reference to, then I’ll… I dunno, give you a high five? Air elementals really don’t have any lore of their own to speak of. They’re basically small, living tornados that can scream at you. That’s about it. In fact, that even covers their designs. Small tornados […]

  • Elementals: Fury of the Elements (General Lore)

    As tempting as it is to try and tackle four different monsters in one article, I do have other things I have to do today. So we’re gonna break this into another multi-parter. Elementals are the living incarnations of the forces that make up the universe, namely water, earth, fire, and air. On their own […]

  • Dryad: Don’t Mess With Trees (Best of the Bestiary)

    Ah, the dryad. A fantasy classic. But if we’ve learned anything in this series, it’s that those aren’t immediately prone to a win. In fact, most creatures like that are sitting near the bottom of the list. Let’s see if this one fares any better. Travelers wandering the forest might catch brief glimpses of these […]

  • Drider: Servants of the Spider Queen (Best of the Bestiary)

    I failed the Spider Queen once. Never again. Pellanistra the Drider Aw. I don’t need to put the word ‘dragon’ in the title anymore. That’s kind of depressing. You know Quelaag from Dark Souls? Yeah, these guys are that. Just strap a drow on top of it and bam! you’re done. Also, give them a […]