• Synergizing Music With Character

    Music is an important aspect of many mediums. Many movies, anime, and video games are elevated by having spectacular soundtracks. Sometimes it becomes the aspect that people remember the most, such as with Cowboy Bebop or many classic Disney movies. It isn’t hard to understand why. Music is an excellent tool for communicating the emotion […]

  • New Spring: How the Hunt Began

    To bring an end to our journey, we must go back to the beginning. What better place for our epilogue to happen then the prologue? New Spring is probably one of the less interesting Wheel of Time books to me. Which is a shame, because it stars two of my favorite characters from the series! […]

  • Merrow: Angrier Mermaids

    Wait, didn’t we just do this? Lore: Aquatic Servants of the Demon Prince Merrow are savage hunters that will eat just about anything edible, from fishermen to merfolk. Long ago, they were themselves merfolk, but that all changed when one tribe found an idol of a Demogorgon. All in the tribe touched it and went […]

  • The Lion King (1994): Hamlet, Furry Edition

    The Lion King (1994): Hamlet, Furry Edition

    More than a few animated classics have been ‘remade’ in the last few years. And by remade, I mean ‘butchered by live-action adaptations’. Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan are just a few examples. But not one of them are so offensive as what happened to this movie. The Lion King is widely regarded […]

  • The Great One Piece Journey (FINALE… For Now): Wano

    Heads up: this review of the Wano material will cover up until chapter 1049 of the manga. This means that my coverage of the arc will be incomplete, as it still hasn’t ended as of the writing of this article. And of course: spoilers! Here we are, ladies and gents. The most recent arc of […]