• My Wheel of Time Book Tier List

    Alright. This will be the last Wheel of Time article. At least until the show continues. But in regards to the books, we are done. And that… is an overwhelming thought. The Wheel of Time was one of the most varied reading experiences I’ve ever had with a fantasy series. Some books were absolutely phenomenal! […]

  • Mimic: Dark Souls PTSD

    Sometimes a chest is just a chest, but don’t bet on it. X the Mystic’s 3rd rule of dungeons survival After years of playing From Software games, just saying the word mimic is enough to increase my heartrate. So this should be fun. Lore: When the Loot Swings Back Shapeshifting predators, mimics often reside within […]

  • Character Theme Analysis: Hellfire (Guilty Gear Strive)

    Character Theme Analysis: Hellfire (Guilty Gear Strive)

    Let’s take a break from movies for a day and have a look at music. So consider this Music Monday. Not because I forgot to watch a movie this week. Nope. Definitely not. I’m insulted by the insinuation. Last week, we talked about how important a good character theme can elevate a piece of media. […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 7): Master of the Sword

    Alright, One Piece is done. Now we can focus all our manga efforts on Berserk! Happy day! Having survived the fight against Nosferatu Zodd, Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the rest of the Hawks take some time to rest. Tensions between Guts and Casca are higher than ever, while Griffith’s political career is on the rise. […]

  • My Personal Guilty Gear Strive Tier List (Season 1)

    Note: this isn’t ranking characters based on how good they are. I ain’t some pro Guilty Gear player (though sometimes I wish I was). Rather, this is me ranking the characters based on how much I like to play them. It’s as casual as you can get. Got it? Alright, cool. Let’s go. The first […]