• Remember When Illumination Ruined the Grinch?

    Remember When Illumination Ruined the Grinch?

    Yay! More ruined Suess stories! And just in time for Christmas! Just pretend this article came out a month ago… You know how the story goes. The Grinch is a grumpy old Scrooge who hates Christmas so he decides to ruin it. Hijinks ensue before he learns the true meaning of the holiday and becomes […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 18): Arms Tournament – Comrades in Arms

    After a nice long, refreshing break, I’m ready to come back to Berserk! And hark! What’s this? Some of the best chapters in the series? But Christmas was last month! Today, we’ll be covering the following chapters: A year has passed since Griffith fell. Guts, completely unaware that the Band of the Hawk fell, enters […]

  • Revisiting Final Fantasy VII: A King of the RPG Genre

    Revisiting Final Fantasy VII: A King of the RPG Genre

    This is the big one, ladies and gents. This is the Final Fantasy game. Look up any ‘Best Video Games of All Time’ list and chances are this one will be on there somewhere. Which, in retrospect, is pretty impressive. Because Final Fantasy VII is unlike any of the other games in the series that […]

  • Marge Simpson: Then and Now

    Poor Julie Kavner. You can hear how hard it is for her to do the Marge voice in the Modern seasons. Just let the lady retire before her throat gives out! Marge has always been one of my least favorite Simpsons characters. Not to say she’s bad by any means. Her stories just never really […]

  • At the Mountains of Madness: Captivating Yet Dull

    Everyone makes fun of H.P. Lovecraft for his use of ‘it was too horrible to describe.’ And honestly, I feel that’s unfair. The man was very descriptive. Sometimes too descriptive. If you’re gonna mock him for anything, it should be the racism. The story focuses on William Dyer, a professor at Arkham’s Miskatonic University as […]