• Nagas: Serpents of Spirit and Bone

    If you destroy me, I will return, and everyone you care about will suffer for it. Explictica Defilus, Spirit Naga Damn, this monster legit just said, “Talk shit, get hit.” That’s pretty cool! Let’s see if it loves up to that! Lore: Arcane Egos Residing within the ruins of ancient civilizations, nagas live to gather […]

  • Will House of the Dragon Redeem Game of Thrones?

    Will House of the Dragon Redeem Game of Thrones?

    It’s been four years since Game of Thrones ended. In that time, the series has more or less faded into memory. People still look to any potential news of the books returning, but otherwise, discussion around the series has pretty much ended. Understandably so; the finale was so bad that it practically killed the careers […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 9): Departure for the Front + Engagement

    *Quick note: in my last Berserk review, I accidentally included the chapter ‘Precious Thing’ along with the four ‘Assassin’ chapters. ‘Precious Thing’ is the chapter where Griffith delivers his speech about friendship to Charlotte. I have retroactively changed the title of that review to reflect this, but for the sake of transparency and clarity, I […]

  • Cuphead is a Masterpiece

    Cuphead is a Masterpiece

    How in the hell have I been writing a blog for all these years without ever talking about this game? I talked about the show before I reviewed this! What is wrong with me?! One of my biggest gripes with the video game industry is in presentation. Everyone is always going for the games with […]

  • Thorkell: The Warrior Who Regrets (Vinland Saga)

    Thorkell: The Warrior Who Regrets (Vinland Saga)

    *Spoiler alert for Vinland Saga Season 1. Also, I haven’t read the manga yet, so no spoilers for anything beyond the first season of the anime, please. Got it? Everyone on the same page? Cool. Let’s go.* As you might expect from a story all about Vikings, Vinland Saga’s first season is all about war. […]