• Dimple: A Lonely Soul (Mob Psycho 100)

    Dimple: A Lonely Soul (Mob Psycho 100)

    Two weeks later and I’m still sad. Maybe this article will help me cope. But probably not. For the last few seasons of Mob Psycho 100, Dimple has played a fairly small and unassuming role in the plot. He’s the little devil on Mob’s shoulder, always encouraging our young protagonist to go against his morals […]

  • Horror in Literature: Capturing Fear with Only Words

    Emotion is at the core of any good piece of literature. Be it a sense of awe, adventure, joy, sorrow, or rage, a truly good story will invoke feelings within the reader. If it doesn’t make you feel anything, then what exactly is the point? Some feelings, however, are more difficult to capture than others. […]

  • Pegasus: Riding the Skies

    Behold, the pegasus. It can outrace a dragon in the open sky, and only the best among us can ever hope to ride one. A fitting emblem for our great house, don’t you think? Tyllenvane d’Orien, dragonmarked scion arguing to change the symbol of House Orien from the unicorn to the pegasus Man wanted to […]

  • It’s Past Time to Stop Caring so Much About Continuity

    Continuity is an important piece in storytelling. If events don’t line up well enough, it can be a source of confusion or annoyance for potential viewers. But the longer a series might go on, the harder it is to maintain said continuity continuously. Not that writers are going to stop trying. Even when they should. […]

  • My Review Academia S6 E8: Stratagem of the Gnats

    My Review Academia S6 E8: Stratagem of the Gnats

    For all its ups and downs, season six of My Hero Academia has been fairly strong so far. But this episode? This is the first time I’ve been so engaged by the show since seasons two and three! It has a few issues, but they’re small and easily forgivable given how gripping the rest of […]