• ARCHIVE Day 5: Pedestrian Stories

    You know what? Let’s make Day 5 a story time day. I know some of these aren’t very interesting out of context, but I simply wanted to immortalize them somewhere. With that in mind, let’s begin. People are… interesting to say the least. Fun fact about me to prefice these stories, I decided not to […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 4: #FucKonami

    Okay. Let’s have a serious talk. This is super for real. Fuck Konami. Seriously, what the hell are they even doing? I’ve never seen a company more eager to piss in their own eyes after shooting themselves in the foot and hanging themselves from a tree. I’ve seen self-destruct buttons do less damage to their […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 3: Apology

    ARCHIVE Day 3: Apology

      I feel like an apology is needed for yesterday. I let my personal feelings affect the blog in a non-satirical way. It was unprofessional, uninteresting, and just came across as a whiny teenager venting about his problems. And no, I’m not talking about my Metal Gear Survive shit post. That’s the kind of content […]

  • ARCHIVE Metal Gear Survive

    ARCHIVE Metal Gear Survive

    Metal Gear is dead and so is my heart. #FucKonami

  • ARCHIVE Day 2: Jonah’s Emo Day

    Day 2. Already, I’ve been more loyal to this than my last girlfriend was to me. Personal life aside, what the hell am I supposed to write for this? I haven’t really thought about what this whole blog is about. I just needed something to do in my spare time. Because, as we all know, […]