• ARCHIVE Day 9: The Land-Mine Analogy

    Today, I’d like to talk about bad art. One of the major things my friends chastise me for is my ingestion of bad art. I’ll go out of my way to watch things like the Emoji Movie, the Star Wars Prequels, the Legend of Korra, Sword Art Online and other bits of media that I […]

  • Day 130: Godzilla VS Mothra

    Allow me to recreate what I believe went down in the production meeting of this movie. “Okay guys, Godzilla VS King Ghidorah was a pretty big success!” said the producer. “Clearly people want to see the previous monsters making a return! The next logical step is Mothra! How do we do something new with her […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 8: The DLC Rant

    Twas on the Eighth day that Jonah finally decided to talk about something truly important. Not some boring stories from his boring life, or pointless rambles cursing Konami. But something truly important, something that will contribute to the survival and evolution of the human race. DLC, or for the uninitiated, Downloadable Content, and the lootbox. […]

  • Day 129: Godzilla VS Ghidorah

    Did you ever want time travel in your Godzilla? No? Well too bad you’re getting it anyways and it’s awesome! Don’t get me wrong though. The story in this movie is trash. It has so many god damn plot holes that it looks more like a slice of Swiss cheese than a complete delicious sandwich. […]

  • Persona 5 The Review E16: This Show is My Grave

    Persona 5 The Review E16: This Show is My Grave

    Around the seven minute mark, they misspelled both Phantom as Phantome and confident as confidant. I swear to fucking god, this show isn’t even trying anymore. It’s not just in the text, either. Everything about this episode feels lazy and devoid of energy. The gags rely heavily on ‘check out these funny faces they’re making […]