• My Review Academia S3 E15: So… Many… New… Characters…

    Quick note: I fucking love every new character introduced in this episode. The overly eccentric student that is clearly gonna be the main antagonist of the arc, the Happy Hero that wants to go out with Eraser Head, and the charismatic pretty boy who is clearly a secret asshole. That aside, this episode was just a […]

  • My Review Academia S3 E14: Ultimate Moves

    My Review Academia S3 E14: Ultimate Moves

    Y’know, for an episode all about Ultimate moves, there sure aren’t a lot of ultimate moves are there? This episode was… okay. Not a whole lot happened, there was a ton of comedy (most of which involved Hatsume, who was my favorite character from season 2, and her inventions (after a few tit jokes), along […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 7: One Week

    One week down. Hopefully there will be many more to come. I don’t expect this blog to reach very far. I can’t foresee this being read by thousands of people every day, and for the comments to be loaded with other people discussing what I wrote. This is just something I do to kill the […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 6: Hunt Down the Freeman

    Day 6. What a day to talk about Hunt Down the Freeman. For those not in the know, Hunt Down the Freeman is a fan-made game based around Valve’s Half Life series. You play as ‘GENERIC SOLDIER GUY #1’, who got taken down by Gordon Freeman a few years before. Now you and ‘OTHER GENERIC […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 5: Pedestrian Stories

    You know what? Let’s make Day 5 a story time day. I know some of these aren’t very interesting out of context, but I simply wanted to immortalize them somewhere. With that in mind, let’s begin. People are… interesting to say the least. Fun fact about me to prefice these stories, I decided not to […]