• Day 181: Bastion (the game, not the blizzard character)

    Day 181: Bastion (the game, not the blizzard character)

    Let’s start today’s rant off with something different: a little test of consistency. Here’s what I want you to do: Google Bastion. Nothing else, just that one word. Then, after the page loads, go over to the image tab. Now, here’s the question: which did you see first? A screenshot from Bastion the game from […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 57: Venom

    ARCHIVE Day 57: Venom

    Original Release: 4/24/18 This was made for the first Venom trailer, but I guess it fits pretty well for the second one to, doesn’t it? Have you seen the new trailer for Venom yet? I’m torn on it. On one hand, the story itself looks kind of messy, Tom Hardy (while a fantastic actor) seems […]

  • Day 180: Disney’s Hercules Review

    Day 180: Disney’s Hercules Review

    Come to think of it, we’ve never really talked about any Disney animated movies on this blog, have we? The only Disney stuff I’ve talked about (that I can remember) have been Star Wars and Marvel. Unless we count Kingdom Hearts which barely counts. So I’m gonna talk about one of my personal favorites: Hercules. I’ve seen […]

  • ARCHIVE Day 56: God of War

    ARCHIVE Day 56: God of War

    Original Release: 4/23/18 If you read the Dad of Boi post, then here’s the prior upload that I had alluded to there. Have fun cringing. -Current Jonah Dude, I totally forgot God of War came out a few days ago! Now, this isn’t a review. Kind of hard to review a game you don’t own. […]

  • ARCHIVE A Quick Apology

    ARCHIVE A Quick Apology

    Original Release: 4/23/18 Just a quick correction of a point I had during one of the P5A Reviews. This is the only time I ever apologized to that show, by the way. And the only time I ever will. Current Jonah Before today’s daily rant, I just want to rectify something from a few weeks […]