Writer’s Diary: May 2023 Update

Happy May, everybody! As Spring marches towards its end, and Summer draws ever closer, time seems to be moving by in a flash. In that flash, plenty has gotten done! And yet more still needs doing.

My new job is keeping me plenty busy. Luckily, we’re still in training, so we haven’t gotten to the really exhausting work yet. Which means that, for the foreseeable future, the blog will continue to run as normal. Thank god, because I have many more rants in me yet! Y’all can’t be rid of me that easy!

For starters, let’s go over the schedule.

For movies, I’m feeling nostalgic. I’ve had a strong urge to go back and rewatch all the old X-Men movies. So that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s gonna be a wild ride; some of those movies are really good, and some of them are REALLY bad. This’ll be a rollercoaster of a time.

Best of the Bestiary carries on as always. Only now, we have something to look forward to! This month, we get to cover the last monsters of the S section. Then, for the first entry next month, we get to cover the most dangerous monster in the whole book: the Tarrasque! That’s right, we’re nearly at the D&D equivalent of Godzilla!

Going to our book section, I don’t have much of a solid plan. Next week, we’ll review ‘The Blade Itself’ by Joe Abercrombe. After that, who knows? Maybe more Poirot. Though I do have some ideas about an article relating to collector’s editions. We’ll see where that goes.

Our Doctor Who retrospective nears its end this month. We’ll be covering the eleventh, twelfth, and War Doctors this time around. Then on the first of the next month, we’ll talk about #13 one last time and wrap this up. After that, Doctor Who shall be left alone until such time as the 60th anniversary actually airs.

As for the video game section, expect plenty of Metal Gear as we cover Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid. After that, however, I have no real solid plans. Expect… something.

Finally, anime. Since we’re only at the halfway mark for this season, there’s not much to talk about yet. Which means its the perfect time to finally wrap up Berserk’s Golden Age arc! Perfect timing, as we get to talk about the Eclipse!

Hooray! Fun times for all! *Sobs into the corner*

Now onto the book. Substantial progress has been made! Part 4 is officially complete, and now I’m a few chapters into part 5! The end is finally in sight!

Let’s have a look at the current numbers.

  • Total words: 157554
  • Page count: 304
  • Chapters complete: 49 + prologue
  • Parts complete: 4/5

That being said, we may still have a few months left before the rough draft is completed. Part 5 is quickly turning out to be longer – and messier – than I had originally hoped. When it comes time for editing, I’ll be spending more than a little time here.

Even still, I’m excited! This project has been a ton of fun, and seeing it come to a conclusion, even if it is a distant one, is immensely satisfying! I just hope it’s as enjoyable to read as it has been to write.

You know. When we get to that. Hopefully soon!

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