Poirot Adventures: The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly

Papa Poirot really earning that title this time around, eh? Eh?

I’ll see myself out.

When the son of a rich aristocrat is kidnapped, Hercule Poirot is brought in to find him. But with four suspects to sift through, and a rather baffling tale to unravel, his gray cells are going to be put to work. Can he find the culprit, or will the ransom need to be paid?

This was a good one. It isn’t a particularly complex mystery, but it is a compelling one. Better yet, it’s a fair one. Christie provided all the necessary clues you’d need to solve the case, all without any nonsense last-minute additions and a reveal that makes sense while still being surprising.

Plus, it’s nice to have a Poirot short where he doesn’t berate Hastings. In fact, he actually compliments our narrator! Albeit once. But it was a good once!

Honestly, that’s about all there is to say about it. This one was fun. It was really short and simple, but it was enjoyable from start to end.

Funny how Poirot seems at his best when he’s in and out quickly. Hopefully soon we’ll get something with a bit more meat on it. Good meat.

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