Poirot Mysteries: The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

In today’s thrilling mystery, Poirot and Hastings make their way to Egypt! What kind of weird nonsense are they gonna get up to there? Will Poirot square-off against Ra himself?

Honestly, I’d read that.

An expedition has begun in an ancient tomb in Egypt. Just one problem: all those who investigate inside die of mysterious circumstances! Some attribute this to a curse placed by the gods. Even Poirot himself does not dismiss this theory. Regardless, our beloved detective will get to the bottom of it.

The setup for the mystery is probably the coolest one yet. Several men all died of completely different circumstances at completely different locations all around the world, with this tomb being the only thing connecting them. It’s a premise that immediately grasps the imagination. Just how in the hell could something like that happen?

In the end, the answers to that mystery are… alright. Like, they make sense and you could reach the same conclusion. But it’s just a tad underwhelming. I didn’t actually want Poirot to have a battle of wits against an Egyptian god, I just wanted something a bit more exciting and satisfying than what we got.

Although the method Poirot takes to solve the mystery is so absurd it borders on comedy. How does he do it? By pretending to poison himself to oust the killer, who actually poisons people. Papa Poirot, I cannot comprehend your methods.

Poor Hastings must have had a heart attack.

This short was okay. It did everything fairly well, but it just isn’t all that memorable. You may enjoy your time with it, but it won’t stick with you as much as some other Poirot shorts.

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