My Review Academia S6 FINALE: Go Beyond

Here we are, at the end of the arc. Will My Hero be able to stick the landing this time around?

Having brought Deku home, Class A immediately sets to work getting him cleaned up and rested. Out in the field, All Might crosses paths with Stain, who has some choice words for the former #1 hero. Meanwhile, the powers that be begin to move, with a certain hero from another country flying out to lend her aide.

Stain takes up a surprisingly large role in this episode. With the world going to shit, and Stain stumbling upon information he doesn’t understand, he decides to entrust it all to the one person he truly believes in: All Might. But when he sees what All Might has become, he flies into a rage.

Yet he doesn’t kill All Might. Rather, he tries to inspire him. Show him the real fruits of his years as a hero, while still declaring that he is the only one Stain will allow to capture him. Then he’s gone, likely never to be seen again.

Man. It’s been so long since Stain was around that I forgot how cool he was.

We’ve also got a wholesome – and concerningly well animated – bath scene with the Class A boys. After how dark and gloomy things have been this whole season, seeing the boys just acting like teenagers again is a breath of fresh air. Even if just a little, the optimism at the heart of the early seasons is coming back.

Even the environments reflect this brightening of tone. It’s been raining just about non-stop this entire arc. Now, the clouds begin to pass, and the light of dawn begins. The war is far from over, but our heroes are invigorated and ready to go.

The rest of the episode is spent setting up the next – and likely last – season of the show. We learn the time limit our heroes have, setting the stakes, and we’re introduced to Star, America’s #1 hero. All before we wrap up with Deku, refreshed and full of hope, ready to move forward.

As a finale, this is pretty solid stuff. It wraps up the plot lines of this season while still setting the stage for the next, giving us just enough satisfaction in the ending while leaving us hungry for what’s next. I’m honestly excited for season seven!

Man, when was the last time My Hero Academia actually had me excited?

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