Writer’s Diary: January 2023 Update

Congratulations everyone! We survived 2022! And we’re still alive a week and a half into 2023! Hooray!

The Illumination Marathon continues with the movie review slot. Thankfully, we’re finally done with the ‘Despicable Me’ stuff. Unfortunately, now that means we get to talk about such movies as ‘Sing’ and ‘Secret Life of Pets’, and let’s not forget ‘The Lorax’. So if you enjoy reading through my suffering, this is gonna be your month!

Cough cough Dad.

Best of the Bestiary is going to be interesting this month as we step into the R section. We get to talk about creatures like the Rakshasa, the Remorhazes, and the Revenant! Exciting times!

Especially since this is the last stretch. We’re only 60 pages away from the end of the Monster Manual (alas, the Appendix contents will not be covered). Depending on how things go, we could very well see the end of it this year!

Not the end of Best of the Bestiary, however. Or have you forgotten that this has all been in the first book?!

Speaking of books: there are three stories I want to cover this month. Currently, I’m making my way through ‘The Lost Metal’ by Brandon Sanderson, so we’ll see how Era 2 of Mistborn concludes. While I’m reading that, I’ll be releasing a review for another Poirot short story and, to spice things up, I’ll finally be returning to H.P. Lovecraft with ‘At the Mountains of Madness’.

The character analysis slot is going to become another marathon series. Albeit a shorter one than the Illumination movies, and with a different intention. For the rest of this month, as well as the first week of February, I’ll be analyzing each of the five members of the Simpsons family. Our goal is simple: figure out why they were all so wonderfully hilarious back in the show’s golden era and explore which core traits have gone away in the modern era.

Which means I’ve got to watch lots of clips of Modern Simpsons. No, I’m not out to give myself a brain aneurism this year. I just come up with really bad ideas and find myself unable to find a better alternative.

For video games, expect a lot of Final Fantasy this month. Once we’re done with the Final Fantasy VI review (which will be re-released as one complete, ultra-long article a day after part 3 is released), we’ll cover Final Fantasy VII. While I’ve already reviewed that game in the past, that old review is dumb and bad and I wanna get it right this time. Plus, I’ll be looking at VII more as an evolution of the series, as I have with the other games thus far, rather than as a completely stand-alone experience, as I did the first time.

All the while, I’ll be playing through Final Fantasy VIII for that review. So… pray for me.

Finally, we have anime and manga reviews. With the Winter season beginning, it’s time for another round-up of which shows I’ll be keeping my eye on. Expect that around the end of the month. Until then, we’ll at last be returning to Berserk. First with a review of the Golden Age: Memorial Edition, then with a return to the manga.

That’s what I’ve got in the oven for this month. While I like some of these plans a lot more than others, I’m still excited to write each and every one. I only hope you all enjoy them.

To close things off, here’s an update on my current novel project. While progress has still been slow, it has still been progress. Thankfully, I’ve overcome the biggest obstacle of the writing process – that being many chapters of character building and plot setup – and now have reached the point where it all starts to come together.

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

  • Total words: 102,217
  • Total pages: 197
  • Total chapters drafted: 31 (32 is nearly complete) + the prologue
  • Parts completed: 3/5

Alas, I still can’t say whether I’m close to the end or not. Part 4 is set to be the longest in the book, and there’s still part 5, which will be a fair bit shorter. Depending on how things turn out, the final word count could fall somewhere between 150,000 and 175,000.

And that’s all before editing. Which there will undoubtedly be a lot of. Though hopefully I shouldn’t have to rewrite large chunks of it.

Though my beta readers might have something to say about that.

Whatever the case, I aim to have the rough draft complete by the end of the year. Then I’ll take a short break, work on some other drafts for other projects, before returning to begin editing. After that, who can say?

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Thank you so very much for reading and have an awesome new year!

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