Poirot Mysteries: The Million Dollar Bond Robbery

Well… at least it was almost exciting!

While on a cruise ship, a massive cash bond was stolen. Now it’s up to Hercule Poirot to figure out who’s behind it. But first, he must find out how. Can even he manage that with a seemingly impossible puzzle before him?

This short presents us with a rather interesting puzzle. A large sum of cash is stolen from a locked box on a ship. How did the box get opened and where did the cash go? If all the clues had been laid out properly, untangling this mystery could’ve been a delight!

Alas, once again, Christie withheld necessary information from the audience, making the case impossible to solve for a first-time reader. Turns out, it all hinges on this one person that Poirot somehow figured out exists and is connected to all this. After that, the mystery comes to a rather underwhelming and less than satisfying conclusion.

Still, it ain’t all bad. If nothing else, we get some fun interactions between Poirot and Hastings. It’s always fun to watch the little Belgian bewilder our narrator at every turn.

Unless he’s a massive ass about it, like he was in Adventure of the ‘Western Star’.

It certainly helps that this one is incredibly short. You can finish the whole thing in less than thirty minutes. So at least it’s a quick read.

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery isn’t spectacular. It isn’t offensively bad, and you can finish it up quickly. But if you’re looking for a gripping mystery that even you could solve, you ought to look elsewhere.

We should be able to find a good one soon enough. Just got to keep digging!

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