Towers of Midnight (By the Cover): Carving the Entrance

Oh, man. We’re nearly out of Wheel of Time covers to talk about. That’s almost as depressing as being done with the series itself.

Three heroes of legend

Of all the covers in the series, this one is among the more accurate and interesting. It may not be action-packed, but it creates a nice sense of mystery. This is definitely among the best Wheel of Time covers.

The scene being adapted is pretty clear. Displayed here is the scene towards the end of the book, where Mat, Thom, and Noel enter the Tower of Ghenjei in order to rescue a certain important character. Anyone who had read the series up to this point would be able to figure that out fairly quickly, given all the buildup to reach this point. But a newcomer viewing this cover for the first time may find themselves feeling fairly confused and interested.

Interested enough to go through the whole series to get here? That, I can’t say.

This cover pays pretty strong attention to the details. Thom has his patchy Gleeman cloak, and he’s drawing the small triangle just as he did in the book. Mat has his silly hat and his weapon, and Noel is drawn pretty much exactly as he’s described in the book. It’s almost a one-to-one adaptation!

And it goes without saying that the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Just look at those trees! The stream! The artwork perfectly captures the decaying, dying state of the world at this point in the Wheel of Time! And the tower stands out, feeling distinctly alien and magical in comparison to its surroundings.

The cover for Towers of Midnight is remarkable. It accurately depicts a scene from the book beneath the cover, it’s gorgeous, and it has a cool sense of mystique that draws you in. I’d put this in the top three WoT covers.

With that, we only have one cover left to talk about. But first, we need to talk about the actual book.

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