Category: By the Cover

  • Movie/TV Tie-In Book Covers are Lame

    The release of a film or TV adaptation of a novel is a big event. Not only does it introduce the story to a brand new audience, it also drums up interest in the original novel. If the adaptation is done well, or at least is good in its own right, then it’s a win-win […]

  • A Memory of Light (By the Cover): Time For the End

    Here we go. The last Wheel of Time cover. Is it gonna be epic? Hilarious? A blend of both? Will it be accurate or will it be generic fantasy? Well, looking at it, I’ve come to a bold conclusion: this is the best cover for a Wheel of Time book. This cover has everything. The […]

  • Towers of Midnight (By the Cover): Carving the Entrance

    Oh, man. We’re nearly out of Wheel of Time covers to talk about. That’s almost as depressing as being done with the series itself. Of all the covers in the series, this one is among the more accurate and interesting. It may not be action-packed, but it creates a nice sense of mystery. This is […]

  • The Gathering Storm (By the Cover): I feel like we’ve been here before…

    How many times can the artist draw Rand standing with a hand raised? This makes twice now, maybe three times? This cover just comes across as silly more than anything else. I’m fairly sure it’s trying to adapt one of the heavier scenes from the book. But in execution, it just looks like some dude […]

  • Knife of Dreams (By the Cover): Time For Strategy

    Why must the best Wheel of Time book have one of the weakest covers? That just isn’t fair! This is a very dull cover. The artwork is as stellar as ever, obviously. Still, they chose to adapt one of the least exciting scenes of the book, so it doesn’t exactly sell you on the book […]