Knife of Dreams (By the Cover): Time For Strategy

Why must the best Wheel of Time book have one of the weakest covers? That just isn’t fair!

Not very thrilling, is it?

This is a very dull cover. The artwork is as stellar as ever, obviously. Still, they chose to adapt one of the least exciting scenes of the book, so it doesn’t exactly sell you on the book behind this cover.

What is that scene? One near the very beginning of the book of Galina speaking to Perrin and his allies about the Shaido in their command tent near Malden. The Aes Sedai stands over the maps opposite of Perrin and his allies, trying to manipulate him without giving away her true allegiances and plans. On the other side of the room, an Asha’man stands in an ominous fashion while a guard keeps watch outside.

Really? Knife of Dreams has some of the best stuff in the whole series, and they went with this? Not the best way to sell someone. Granted, that isn’t really necessary at this point; if you’ve reached the eleventh book in the series, you’re not likely to back out now.

Welcome to the Wheel of Time. Get out now while you can or keep on going until there’s no return.

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