Crossroads of Twilight: I’m so BOOOORED

‘Path of Daggers’ was a mess and it was kinda hilarious. ‘Winter’s Heart’ was either great or god awful depending on the scene. ‘Crossroads of Twilight’ is just dull! So much happens, yet the plot doesn’t move at all!

The Wheel of Time turns and blah blah blah. After cleansing the male half of the One Power, an exhausted Rand and Nynaeve are left on the mend. Perrin continues trying to rescue Faile, Mat tries to escape the Seanchan and learn more about Tuon, his future wife, Elayne continues her struggle for the Lion Throne, and Egwene tries to find a way to conquer the White Tower without bloodshed.

A lot takes place in this book. Plenty of people do plenty of talking and plenty of decisions are made. Yet nothing actually happens. For all the talking and the occasional fighting, the plot is at a total stand-still! This is wheel spinning, the book, because nothing actually changes until the literal last three chapters of the book!

This, to me, is the worst kind of fantasy book: the kind where I don’t feel anything but boredom. I’m not entertained. I’m not interested. Hell, I’m not even angry or annoyed or disgusted. I am bored. I was groaning, “Get on with it,” in literally every single scene.

Now, to be completely fair, there was one thing I actually really liked: the budding romance between Mat and Tuon. Because these two do not get along. Mat actually has to put in work in making this girl pay attention to him, and he clearly is reluctant to do so. But as he does so, the two slowly become closer. This is developed even further in the next book, but it is nice that it gets started here. It’s the only romantic plotline in the Wheel of Time so far that doesn’t make me want to fucking vomit.

And… yeah, that’s it. That’s the only positive thing I have to say about this book. ‘Crossroads of Twilight’ is unbearably boring. Of the three books in the Slump, this one is easily the worst.

Thankfully, the next book is one of the best in the whole series. I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read. But that’s a conversation for later.

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