How to Get Into the Souls Games

With the release of Elden Ring, the popularity of the Souls games has reached a new all-time high. Veterans have been enjoying it and newcomers have been testing their mettle against it. It is currently one of, if not the, most played game out there.

But what if you’re still on the fence? What if you want to see what the hype is all about but you’re still scared of the infamous difficulty these games have? It’s understandable; why sink $60 into a game that you might not even be able to finish?

To that, I say this: don’t be frightened. Yes, these games are hard. But they are designed to be beaten. They’ll hit you, and they’ll hit hard, but they also give you the tools you need to hit right back.

My first bit of advice is the most important: ignore the try-hards. There will be people out there who say that you ‘aren’t playing the game right’ because you use a certain build or you use co-op or whatever. Ignore them. You’re playing the game and you’re allowed to play it however you want to. It doesn’t matter how you beat it, so long as you are beating it and you’re having fun doing so.

Which leads to my second piece of advice: don’t be afraid to utilize mechanics that make the game easier. If you want to use co-op or the summons or a certain build that you see as overpowered, go for it. Those mechanics are there for a reason. Besides, teaming up with a friend to beat a difficult boss is a ton of fun!

Is that still not enough? Can you still not beat a boss or get through a difficult dungeon? Maybe you need a certain item but have no idea how to get it. Or perhaps you want to shoot for a specific ending but have no idea how to do it. In that case, feel free to look up a guide on the internet. There’s no shame in this; these games are often extremely complicated, requiring you to pull-off all kinds of ultra-specific tasks at ultra-specific times. On top of that, Elden Ring has a huge map, so finding where to go next for certain quests can often be difficult. There’s no shame in using a guide.

However, I would encourage you to at least try to do it yourself first. See if you can figure it out or overcome on your own. Once you feel truly defeated or overwhelmed or just plain frustrated, then you can consult a guide. Until then, I implore you try on your own first. Part of the magic of these games is that sense of learning or discovering on your own, especially in Elden Ring.

To help with that, I’d recommend paying attention to the notes. Some of them are just jokes and some of them are troll messages meant to lead you astray, but some of them are genuinely helpful. Which is which? Well, you’ll eventually develop a sense for which is actual aide and which is a trap. But they’re a fun way for players to guide each other in cryptic ways, so I’d say you should read them whenever you can.

Next: pay attention. Keep a key eye out for traps or hidden enemies. Read item descriptions and go through character dialogue. Not only will these give you hints on what to do next, but it’ll also help immerse you into the world and the lore. Don’t just try to blast through the game, because you’ll be harshly punished for doing so. Take your time and experience the world, whether you’re keeping a wary eye out for an ambush or just appreciating your latest find to add to the lore.

Finally, my most simple but important bit of advice: never let the games beat you down. Don’t let them crush your spirits. Even if you feel like the game is completely impossible, don’t give up. If you’ve been beaten by a boss so many times that you feel exhausted, take a break and come back to it later. No matter how hard something is, you’ll overcome it eventually. You just have to keep at it. Trust me; when you finally overcome, it will all be worth it.

Basically, in summary: don’t be scared of anything. Don’t be scared to ask for help, be it through co-op or the forums. Don’t be scared of the difficulty; you’ll overcome eventually if you keep at it. Don’t be scared to take your time; don’t just beat any of these games, experience them!

Yes, these games are hard. But they’re not actually that hard to get into. Believe me, even if you’re bad at video games, you can beat these. And they are well worth beating; you’ll find few experiences as memorable or impactful as a Souls game.

Oh, I almost forgot the actual most important bit of advice: don’t get too attached to the framerate. Just… trust me on that one.

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