Crossroads of Twilight (By the Cover): Forward… You Get It

Wow. All three of the Slump covers are basically the same thing. And all three of them are really boring. But to be fair, this is the least boring of the three. Which is surprising, since this is easily the most boring book of the lot!

At least this one is TRYING to look exciting.

‘Path of Daggers’ had Rand on the cover. ‘Winter’s Heart’ had Perrin. Now, with ‘Crossroads of Twilight’, we get Mat. So the trio of our boys is complete! Sorry Egwene and Nynaeve, women aren’t allowed to have their own covers! This is Wheel of Time, women aren’t allowed to be cool without fawning over a man for fifteen minutes beforehand!

I’m getting distracted.

I think it’s adapting the scene where Mat and his friends hunt down an escaping Seanchan woman before she has the chance to return to them and expose them. With all of them riding in a clear hurry, Mat carrying his spear, and the dude next to him taking aim with an arrow, that’s what makes the most sense.

Why did I say I think? Well, because it’s not a particularly accurate depiction of that scene. Why are Tuon and all of the others there? Why is there a column of riders following behind them? If it’s only trying to depict Mat’s journey, then where is the circus they’re traveling with?

Luckily, the artwork is as remarkable as ever. Mat looks awesome and he’s fairly close to my imagined version of the character in the book. And just look at those woods! And the little streams! And the little patches of snow! It’s equal parts beautiful and creepy! You get the sense that there’s something hiding deeper in that forest!

There isn’t, unfortunately, but it works well with Mat’s worries about the Seanchan and the Gollom and all his other worries.

This is a middling cover. It isn’t particularly accurate, but at least it’s trying to be exciting and the artwork is as nice as ever. It’s far from my favorite cover so far, but it is pretty decent.

Wish I could say the same thing about the book itself…

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