Winter’s Heart (By the Cover): Forward March… Again

I’m starting to sense a theme with these covers.

What’s wrong with their faces?

This cover is basically the exact same as the Path of Daggers cover, only with different characters and a different backdrop. It’s an army marching forward. To be more specific, it’s Perrin and his forces marching through the snowy woods and mountains to find the Shaido and rescue Faile.

As dull as the cover is, it does have some nice touches. The red eagle of Manetheren flies behind him. At his side is an Aelman, likely Gal, followed by Beralain and Balwer. They may not perfectly capture their counterparts within the book itself, but they’re still very clearly those characters.

Also, the artwork is incredibly nice. Just look at that snow! And the clouds in the background! The artist behind these covers always manage to make some really pretty looking stuff.

Even still, I’m not super in love with the cover of Winter’s Heart. It does little to create intrigue for a new reader and it doesn’t capture an iconic moment or theme. It’s just an army moving through the snow.

Which would be kinda cool, I guess. If that army actually went places in this book.

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