Path of Daggers (By the Cover): Forward March

Oh, wow. This cover is super boring. Just like the book beneath it!

No text this time, sorry.

If you’ve read the book, it should be pretty obvious what event this depicts. It is Rand’s march upon the Seanchan. We get the statue he has a conversation over, the Banner of Light and the Dragon Banner, and Rand himself is marching at the head, the Crown of Swords atop his head. Behind him marches the armies he brought to the battle in the books.

Of all the events in the book, this was likely the lamest one they could have gone with. The Bowl of the Winds? Nah. The battle itself? Nah. Just the march up to the battle. That ought to do!

Granted, the art is absolutely stunning. Easily one of the best in the series up until this point. And at least it is an accurate depiction of an event within the books.

I just wish it had more substance than, “Hey, it’s that scene!”

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