Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Episode 7: Brothers and Sisters

Nezuko’s poor voice actress. Lady must have needed a whole bag of lozenges for all the screaming she did.

A newly transformed Nezuko unleashes her power on Daki. But as her strength grows at an explosive rate, can she maintain her humanity? And if not, can Tanjiro stop her before it’s too late? Worse: Daki unveils a secret that may just make this fight impossible for our heroes to win.

Enraged Nezuko is short lived, but god damn she’s scary! All of her blood powers are bizarre and gross, and her ultra fast healing makes her seem nearly as unstoppable as a DBZ villain. Watching her dismantle Daki, one of the most powerful enemies we’ve seen so far, with a gleeful smile on her face is a terrifying contrast from her usually cute and innocent demeanor.

As for how she’s stopped, I have mixed feelings. The act itself is pretty cheesy. But it’s more than made up for with beautiful and heart-wrenching imagery. It may be a bit corny, but it’s still a fairly strong bonding moment between Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Which is perfectly mirrored and distorted by our antagonists. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let’s talk Tengen. This dude goes full chad mode this episode and it is equal parts awesome and hilarious. Seeing him completely dismantle an injured Daki and talk mad shit on her is great. Plus, we get to see him combine ninja techniques with demon slaying moves, which is really damn cool and beautifully animated!

Also, Inosuke and Zenitsu are there. They’ve arrived at the battle finally. So… hopefully I should have something of actual substance to say about them next week.

Of all the characters, though, Daki gets the most development. Seeing her cool, calm, and condescending attitude evaporate into a childish temper tantrum makes her chillingly pathetic. Deep down, this mass murderer is nothing more than a spoiled brat. On top of that, we get a brief glimpse into her backstory. An exceptionally brief one, yes. But it does serve as a nice bit of intrigue. I can’t wait to see the the reveal.

Well, I guess I should say second reveal. Because as it turns out, Daki isn’t Upper Six. She’s only one half of Upper Six.

Gyutaro’s reveal was nigh flawless. Seeing him emerge from Daki’s body is incredibly gross and sets the stage for this disgusting degenerate of a character perfectly. And I love how he spoils Daki, using his overwhelming strength to fulfill her every psychotic desire and to satiate his own envy-driven bloodlust. He’s sort of like a demonic Tanjiro in how he treats Daki, which is a very interesting angle to take. Plus, his powers are super cool and, once again, gorgeously animated.

This was a fairly strong episode overall. We’ve got some great character moments, a fantastic introduction to a new villain, and more beautiful action set pieces. I’d still say episode six was stronger overall, but this one was definitely fantastic.

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