Demon Slayer Entertainment District Episode 4: The Battle Begins

We’re done with the build-up, folks. Time for what everyone came here for: man vs demon action!

Zenitsu has gone missing. Feeling responsible, Tengen releases Tanjiro and Inosuke from the mission. But our young heroes aren’t going to give up yet. As night falls, both take up arms and pursue the demon. When they come face-to-face with Daki, do they have a hope for survival?

This episode is a solid balance between drama, dread, and comedy. No one aspect overpowers the others. They all flow in and out in a natural flow, all building towards the dramatic climax of the episode.

Tengen gets some solid characterization this episode. He isn’t getting flashy or yelling or acting like a god. He’s quiet, focused, and mature, even going so far as to acknowledge the mistakes he’s made up to this point. Plus, we get to see him doing some cool ninja shit. This episode went a long way in making Tengen more likable.

Not that he gets all the drama. Most of that goes to Tanjiro and Inosuke. The scene they share together on the roof is the perfect balance between comedic and dramatic. It’s nice to see them have a heart to heart after everything they’ve gone through together.

Plus, they manage to fit in some exposition regarding their current ranks. It’s neat information. But it does feel a bit out of place. Are you sure now is the time to explain how our heroes have ascended the pole? Although I do find it funny how Inosuke, the loud and dumb one, is the one to explain it. Just goes to show how far he’s grown.

But forget the drama! Let’s get to the action! This episode ramps up the excitement perfectly. Everyone gets up in arms and dives straight into battle. Inosuke even gets adorable little muscle mice to give him his weapons! It’s pretty damn thrilling!

Until Tanjiro and Daki come face to face. Then it’s all dread.

The initial showdown between the demon slayer and the Upper Rank demon is intense to say the least. Her power is the perfect blend of bizarre and terrifying, and her presence is overwhelming. And the ensuing aerial battle is short, but oh so sweet. You get the perfect sense of how much Tanjiro has grown, yet you can still tell that he is completely out of his depth.

This was a fantastic episode. Fun yet dramatic, it is the perfectly balanced Demon Slayer experience. It sets the stage for the battle ahead perfectly. The calm is over, and now it’s time for the storm.

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