Demon Slayer Entertainment District Episode 3: The Demon Princess

This was a tense one, dudes! The action hasn’t started yet. But the buildup to it is starting to feel nerve racking!

Having succeeded in their infiltration, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke begin their investigation to find Tengen’s wives. On this hunt, both Inosuke and Zenitsu draw dangerously close to their target. All evidence points to one terrible truth: their target is an Upper Rank.

Up to this point, I’ve been heavily criticizing how Zenitsu and Inosuke have been played for gags while Tanjiro gets all the development and drama. Here, the shoe is on the other foot. While Tanjiro is working hard and making jokes, both of his companions get some really intense and dramatic moments. Zenitsu in particular, as he shows off just how brave he can be when his morals overcome his cowardice.

Plus, we get to see Inosuke going full-wild and using his extreme senses in weird ways. What even was that pose he was doing?

The highlight of the episode is, without a doubt, is our main villain of the arc: Daki. Stepping into the spotlight for the first time, she makes a huge impression. Cruel and menacing, with an incredibly unique power that makes for some terrifying visuals (especially in the post-credits scene). Plus, I think her demon design is fucking awesome!

Not to mention that she’s the only demon we’ve seen up until now that Muzan actually shows affection for. Is he manipulating her? Oh, absolutely. But through that, we can see a more vulnerable and even innocent side to Daki. She’s blushing like a school girl with a crush!

Which would be cute, if she hadn’t just dropped a woman to her death and if she weren’t talking to the Demon King.

There’s really not much to talk about outside of all that. It’s an extremely well animated episode (which is a given, at this point) with some fun great character moments and an amazing introduction to our main villain. It was a wildly enjoyable to watch. Alas, it ended much too soon.

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