The Potential of Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Dragon Ball games have a tendency to be a bit generic. You’ll usually go through the story of Z again, maybe the story of Super if it’s a newer game. It’ll be a 3D action game, maybe with a few RPG elements. The only one that everyone mostly agreed was great in recent years was Dragon Ball Fighterz, and that was because that one was a legitimately amazing 2D fighting game.

These games have been really stale for a long time now. Which is why this announcement was actually pretty exciting!

Notice the distinct lack of Gokus. 10/10 already.

The concept of this game is exceptionally simple. Have you played Dead By Daylight? It’s that. But instead of random horror movie villains, it’s Freeza, Cell, and Buu. Yes, at its core it’s a ripoff of an already existing and highly successful game. But for a Dragon Ball game, it is refreshingly original!

Plus, it fits Dragon Ball to a T. Do you remember when Cell first showed up? That scene was just a straight-up horror scene! Besides, I think people often forget just how scary Freeza and Buu are for anyone that isn’t named Son Goku. The idea of playing as one of the perfectly normal, completely helpless random civilians living in the Dragon Ball universe is amazing!

Especially since they managed to slip in some original Dragon Ball fanservice. Z-only fans might not understand why Bulma is dressed the way she is or why Oolong is transforming into stuff. But people who watched the original Dragon Ball (AKA the fans who aren’t missing out) will understand and feel a great sense of delight!

And just imagine what it’ll be like on the other end of the spectrum. Getting to fly around and kill everyone as three of the best villains in the series! I know that I’ll be cackling like a madman while I channel Cell or Freeza.

I hope this game succeeds. That way, we might have a chance at getting even more villains! Put Goku Black in there; the dude would be a perfect fit! Hell, go even further into the classic Dragon Ball stuff and add Demon King Piccolo! Or they could add more survivor characters, like another transforming character in Puar. Fuck, they could add Yamucha or Mr. Satan as gag characters!

Admittedly, it’s too soon to decide whether this game will actually turn out well. For all we know, it could turn out to be a rushed ripoff of a better game; just Dead By Daylight with a Dragon Ball coat of paint. We still have no idea how it will turn out.

But at the very least: it isn’t just another retelling of Z. And for that alone, I’ll give this game a chance.

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