Sea Hag: Enemy of Beauty

What a pleasant looking lady! I’d eat her mystery ingredient soup! Five bucks to you if you understood that reference.

Lore: Destroyer of Aesthetics

Living in polluted underwater lairs, sea hags are brought to rage at the very sight of beauty. They’ll attack and deface anything gorgeous. Should it bring hope, the hag will work to cause it despair. All that the beauty inspires, the sea hag seeks to destroy.

And… the last paragraph of her lore is just describing how hideous the sea hag is. Thanks. I had failed to notice.

While I feel that this is the weakest lore of all the hags, I still think it’s pretty strong. You can do some fun stuff with this, when you combine it with the general lore of the hags. Perhaps the party meets a beautiful prince/princess trying to better their land, but a sea hag sabotages their every effort. Stuff like that is classic fantasy down to its core and I love it!

Design: I’m going to go clean my eyeballs now.

I’d say take a bath, but… well, you know.

Is her hair seaweed? Is her skirt seaweed? Are they both seaweed?!

This is a wonderfully disgusting design. I love how deranged the hag’s eye looks! She must be looking at something truly beautiful, because she looks pissed!

So she must be looking at you guys!

I love how different this one is from the other hags. The others look like sinister, clever witches. But the sea hag looks wild and savage. She truly looks insane!

This is an incredible design. It’s unique, it’s disgusting, and it’s a perfect representation of the monster’s lore. This one is a ton of fun for any descriptive dungeon master!


This is the weakest of the hags. Its AC is pretty low, although not terrible, and its HP isn’t especially high. When a creature’s strongest defensive option is being able to breath both air and water, you’ve got a problem.

It does have a few dangerous abilities, though. With Horrific Appearance, those who start within the same 30ft of the creature must make a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened. Although they can avert their eyes to avoid this, provided they aren’t taken by surprise by the creature’s appearance.

How can that happen, you ask? That boils down to Illusory Appearance. This does exactly what you’d expect. It’s a nice ability for this hideous wench to hide her true self. When combined with Horrific Appearance, the sea hag has a deadly starter weapon to start the fight.

This is even deadlier thanks to Death Glare. With this, the hag forces a victim to make a Wisdom save. Should they fail, their HP will immediately drop to 0.

Yeah, that seems fair.

Oh yeah, she’s also got claws. They do decent damage. But they’re boring and honestly, who cares?

This can make for an absolutely incredible fight! It starts out with a massive bang, with a seemingly beautiful person changing into a horrifying monster and immediately scattering the party. Then it could pick them off one by one with Death Glare, get a few cheap hits in before everyone recovers, or just get away to continue her evil deeds! The initial boom alone could make this a super memorable encounter!


While this one is the weakest of the hags, I absolutely this this monster! It’s lore is simple, but could make for some truly incredible stories! On top of that, it has a super fun and gross design and stats that can make for a super entertaining battle! I’ve enjoyed every aspect of this monster very much!

With all that in mind, let’s put the Sea Hag on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Dragon Turtle
  4. Green Dragons
  5. Red Dragons
  6. Blue Dragons
  7. Black Dragons
  8. White Dragons
  9. Silver Dragons
  10. Couatl
  11. Behir
  12. Aboleth
  13. Sea Hag <—————
  14. Bronze Dragons
  15. Brass Dragons
  16. Copper Dragons
  17. Gold Dragons
  18. Chuul
  19. Gibbering Mouther
  20. Chimera
  21. Death Knight
  22. Fomorian
  23. Bone Devil
  24. Dracolich
  25. Faerie Dragon
  26. Night Hag
  27. Green Hag
  28. Ankheg
  29. Storm Giant
  30. Hill Giant
  31. Empyrean
  32. Efreeti
  33. Grimlock
  34. Dao
  35. Cloud Giant
  36. Drow (all four of ’em)
  37. Shadow Demon
  38. Marilith
  39. Drider
  40. Aarackockra
  41. Azer
  42. Demilich
  43. Spectator
  44. Marid
  45. Cambion
  46. Fire Giant
  47. Animated Armor
  48. Banshee
  49. Basilisk
  50. Yochlol
  51. Bulette
  52. Cloaker
  53. Darkmantle
  54. Doppelganger
  55. Ghoul and Ghast
  56. Ettin
  57. Pit Fiend
  58. Erinyes
  59. Chain Devil
  60. Bearded Devil
  61. Barbed Devil
  62. Spined Devil
  63. Ice Devil
  64. Djinni
  65. Nalfeshnee
  66. Glabrezu
  67. Chasme
  68. Grell
  69. Barlgura
  70. Horned Devil
  71. Balor
  72. Shadow Dragon
  73. Vrock
  74. Dretch
  75. Gnolls (all three)
  76. Goristro
  77. Hezrou
  78. Manes
  79. Frost Giant
  80. Duergar
  81. Quasit
  82. Dryad
  83. Flumph
  84. Goblin
  85. Githyanki
  86. Planetar
  87. Imp
  88. Clay Golem
  89. Flameskull
  90. Displacer Beast
  91. Carrion Crawler
  92. Githzerai
  93. Grick
  94. Rug of Smothering
  95. Bugbear Chief
  96. Bugbear
  97. Flesh Golem
  98. Vine Blight
  99. Twig Blight
  100. Needle Blight
  101. Bullywug
  102. Ettercap
  103. Gas Spore
  104. Cockatrice
  105. Lemure
  106. Solar
  107. Deva
  108. Gorgon
  109. Griffon
  110. Cyclops
  111. Centaur
  112. Ghost
  113. Fire Elemental
  114. Water Elemental
  115. Air Elemental
  116. Stone Giant
  117. Deep Gnome
  118. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  119. Iron Golem
  120. Stone Golem
  121. Earth Elemental
  122. Galeb Duhr
  123. Flying Sword
  124. Crawling Claw
  125. Violet Fungus
  126. Shrieker
  127. Gargoyle

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