The Great Hunt (By the Cover): Look At This Thing I Found!

Okay. This one is more accurate to the story than the cover of Eye of the World. But it just looks so goofy that it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

It’s hard to take this seriously when you really have a look at it.

The cover of The Great Hunt depicts the scene where Rand and Loyal manage to steal back the Horn of Valere. We can see Rand holding up the horn, examining it, while Selene and Loyal look on. In the background, we see an armored creature with horns, likely a Trolloc, looming above them.

There are a couple of things to discuss here. To start: the artwork is very nice. The environment is well detailed and nice to look at, the characters look great, and the trolloc is suitably menacing. It’s a fairly well done depiction of the scene from the book.

Although it isn’t entirely accurate. For one, Loyal is significantly smaller than he actually is in the book. He looks to be only slightly taller than Rand, when he is frequently described as being a hulking tower of a creature. Although in fairness, I do like the little detail of him holding a book. Then again, it does present another size issue; Loyal is so big that books often fit in the palm of one of his hands. Is that just a really big book? Why would he carry that around?

Actually, don’t answer that. Loyal totally would do that.

I love the pose Rand is in and how he holds the horn. There doesn’t seem to be any reverence or awe for the item, as there is described in the book. It’s more like “The fuck is this?” and that makes me laugh.

Selene looks good, though. That’s pretty much how I imagined she looked when the book described it. Although I do wish it captured the ominous air surrounding her. Considering who she truly is and all the shady things she tries to persuade Rand to do, I’d have liked if they captured her more dangerous side.

All in all, this is a fairly good cover. It doesn’t perfectly represent what we see in the book and it is a little bit goofy. But it’s still a decent cover.

Not nearly as silly as the He-Man shit we see with the Dragon Reborn cover.

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