I Finally Watched Breaking Bad (Season 3)

Alright! Now we’re cooking with gas! Or… with methylamine, I guess.

Despite having left the meth business, things aren’t getting any easier for Walt or Jessie. Skyler has discovered the truth behind Walt’s fortunes, causing a massive divide in their marriage. Jessie, still in rehab after the death of Jane, begins to walk a darker path as he reconsiders himself and his future. All the while, Gus tries to lure Walt back into cooking. How will Walt and Jessie now that their lives are taking a full turn towards disaster?

The character arcs of Breaking Bad are incredibly gradual. It’s not like shows like Game of Thrones, where characters will transform dramatically from season to season. Whatever change does occur with our cast has definitely been there, but it’s taken its time.

In season three, we see the pay off to that gradual build-up. Walt finally starts to go off the rails as Skyler discovers the truth about him. Jessie starts to leave more and more of his innocence behind to become the drug lord he thought he was… or at least try to. All the while, the relationships they have with their friends and family begin to fray.

We also get our next big antagonists in the Twins. These two are basically Terminators. They’re cold, they’re ruthless, and they’re psychotic to a fault. It’s honestly creepy how cool they are. The only time we see them show even the slightest hint of emotion is in their final scenes!

But I’ve got to ask: in their introductory scene, why was everyone in the village crawling? Like, even they crawled and I just… I don’t get it. Am I dumb?

Some of the visuals these season are pretty strong. We’ve got some killer shots here and there. Granted, I don’t think they’re as memorable as some of what we get in seasons four and five (I may have binged the entire thing). But by no means are the shots in this season bad. They’re still incredibly impressive; it’s amazing how tense they can make certain scenes just with camera work!

Music wise, I’ve still got my gripes with this show. I love the opening theme, but no music used within the show itself is all that memorable. It’s either an insert song or tension building violin. Effective, but not interesting.

Overall, I think season three is the strongest one yet. It’s got some incredibly powerful stuff, the actors are all doing their best work, and the writing is on point. Once I reached this point, I knew I couldn’t stop. I was on this ride to the end.

And then season four happened and all doubt of that was removed.

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