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  • The Future of Doctor Who is Getting Interesting

    Growing up, Doctor Who was my favorite TV show. It’s a staple franchise for my family; we’d always watch the new episodes together, all the way from 2005 to 2015. From the classic series to the current show, this goofy sci-fi program was always something special to me. As time went on, however, my interest […]

  • Kid Nation: The Most Evil Reality Show Ever Made

    Kid Nation: The Most Evil Reality Show Ever Made

    Reality TV is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. Usually, the only ‘real’ thing about it is the humans in front of the camera; half the time, they have a script of some kind. Still, there’s just something enjoyable about them. It’s the media equivalent of stuffing your face with junk food; it ain’t […]

  • Will House of the Dragon Redeem Game of Thrones?

    Will House of the Dragon Redeem Game of Thrones?

    It’s been four years since Game of Thrones ended. In that time, the series has more or less faded into memory. People still look to any potential news of the books returning, but otherwise, discussion around the series has pretty much ended. Understandably so; the finale was so bad that it practically killed the careers […]

  • The Rise and Problems of TV Streaming

    Cinema has changed a lot in the last fifteen or so years. The advent of streaming services, and the subsequent multiplication of platforms to choose from, have changed how movies and TV shows are made. Back then, movies were made for theaters and the DVD release, and TV shows were made to air episode by […]

  • The Boys (Season One) is Diabolical

    The Boys (Season One) is Diabolical

    You know what I have really come to despise? The ‘evil-Superman’ trope. We’ve seen it plenty of times now, such as with the Injustice games/comics with an actual evil Superman to that Brightburn movie that no one seems to remember. It isn’t a bad idea, but so often the writers don’t do anything with it […]