Writer’s Diary: May 2021 Update

I need to start doing these more frequently again.

Productivity has been slow but steady since the last update. Progress on the two primary projects, Threads of Reality: The Approaching Storm and Energia: Titans of Verità, have kept up better than expected. The former is still a long ways off, but the ladder won’t be going away any time soon.

Let’s see some numbers for Threads of Reality.

  • Page count: 293
  • Word count: 14880
  • Chapters: 14+Prologue+Epilogue
  • Pages edited: 170
  • Scenes left to completely rework: 5 or 6
  • Scenes left to add: 3 or 4

As soon as the edited draft is finished, I’ll be putting it in the hands of my beta readers. Hopefully, that’ll be around Autumn. Once that happens and I finish the peer-reviewed draft, I’ll be looking into self-publishing options and get a plan for release. With that in place, I’ll commission artwork for the cover (if you remember the map, you’ll remember that I am hardly an artist) and hire a professional editor to give the manuscript one more look before finalization. If that happens, we may be looking at a 2021 release date at the earliest or a 2022 date at the latest.

So, you know… nervousness rising.

Energia is still going as it has. Chapters will continue to be released bi-weekly until the story is done. The current arc is nearing its end, with only a few chapters to go. Once that arc is concluded, two interlude chapters will be released and the next arc will begin.

This arc of the story will mark the end of the first act of Energia, marking the 1/3rd point of the story. I can’t say how long the other 2/3rds will be at this moment. But I can say with confidence that they’ll be as long, if not longer, than act one. The attention will be divided among more characters as the plot continues to evolve and more pieces to the puzzle are unveiled. I hope you look forward to what’s in store.

As for the blog itself, not much is changing. Before this update, I’d write articles three weeks in advance to their release. I’ve since shortened that time to two. How much will this affect? Probably not much. But hopefully now I’ll be able to talk about new hot topics some time around the point in which they actually happen.

That just about covers everything. I’ll try to keep in touch with these updates more often in the future. Now that things are finally starting to calm down in my life and I’ve gotten to a much better place, I intend to focus a lot more on my writing. Thanks for sticking with me through everything.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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