My Review Academia S5 E11: Deku VS Shinso

It’s time to wrap up the joint training arc. Question is: does it end on a bang? Or a whimper?

With One For All once again under Deku’s control, the fifth match continues. All strategies have been tossed aside; it’s an all-out brawl now. And amidst it all, Deku and Shinso have their long awaited rematch. But will Deku stand a chance when he can’t risk using his Quirk?

Overall, the last match ended up being pretty disappointing. This episode has more flashbacks than actual fighting in it. Hell, they take up about 25% of the run time! Actual combat only lasts for a few seconds at a time and is constantly broken by characters talking or yet more flashbacks.

Most of the action we do get is also kind of lame. Most of them are just still shots with frenetic lines. The only battle that gets properly animated all the way through is Deku and Shinso’s. Which, while gorgeous, is a bit of a letdown.

Also, how strong is Shinso? He’s shown to overpower Deku and he can swing around like Spider-Man! Did Aizawa have him clean up a beach too?

There are some fun moments, though. Monoma almost using Deku’s Quirk is a decent moment of tension; for a second, you genuinely think that the kid is going to blow his own body apart. But how did he get the OFA spark effect around him if he didn’t actually have the Quirk?

We also get to see Deku further struggling to control his new power, the Blackwhip. Showing him figure out how to control but be unable to use it for long is a nice touch. Given how fast a learner Deku is, it makes perfect sense. Plus, now the audience has something to look forward to beyond Deku getting ripped enough to handle OFA.

And Midnight takes over the commentary, so we get a decent end to an annoying gag.

Thus ends the joint training arc. Overall, it was pretty disappointing. There were some fun moments and the animation was spectacular (occasionally). But the majority of the arc felt more like filler than an episode in the actual story.

Now, the question is: where do we go from here?

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